Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Dennis Lau- DiversiFy" Press Launch@ Starhill Gallery, 12th November 2009

Thanks you Jo Teh, you are extraordinary.

A very good evening to all honourable guests, members of the Media and ladies and gentlemen. I would like to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude to everyone who is present here today. Thanks for taking the time out from your busy schedules to be apart of my momentous journey.
I’m extremely Nervous today, but i hope you all could open your hearts and listen, as I would like to to share with you a very short story......my story, mydream.
How many of you had a childhood full of musical notes? To me, I regard my childhood as one of a kind. Because I woke up having breakfast, lunch and dinner filled with Italian terms: Allegro, Crescendo, Diminuendo, so on and so forth. There was only one goal for me at that time and it was to pass my examinations and move on to the next grade. And then, came the much awaited uni years which was when I took up music. While most of my friends at that time were busy earning degrees in other fields, I realised that earning a degree in music would be the wisest choice for me as I could most definitely excel in that subject. Truth be told the years spent studying and learning was not all that smooth sailing, because something came to my mind then, it was the thought of how on earth did I end up here? Then the thought shifted to I better not waste my mum’s hard earned money !
Then, it was my performing years, where I was yet to find the passion in music. At that point of time, I thought what does it take to be different than others? The answer was simple, having your own original composition. Sounds simple, but for me it posed a major problem, because I did not have an idea on how to write songs, especially since I’m from a classical background, and we’re mainly trained to play music that dates back to the 17-18th century. Then it was almost as if lightning struck and I managed to compose a tune and decided on a whim to record it. The song is titled “ I just Wanna” and is included as one of the tracks in the album =)
I must say, the first recording sounded absolutely refreshing to my ears…because from a classical background, I had no idea how a drum, bass or any other instrument should and could sound apart from the piano and violin. Because of the birth of this excitement, I then embarked on this journey 2 years ago which eventually brought me here of having the privilege of speaking and performing for all the wonderful people present.
In the last 2 years, I feel blessed to be influenced by many wonderful ppl. Not only the number of musicians which influenced me in terms of music. I then learned how to collaborate and be influenced by different people. Frm Photographers (Thank you Zung of the photoz.com for being the official photographer & videographer), Fashion designers, interior designers, artists, business ppl, PR Agencies, Advertising agencies, etc and not only that, appreciate the different talents and skills of these wonderful ppl. Because of these ppl and friends, I had one goal, being a musician/ violinist myself, my goal was to project and allow people to take notice of the Diverseness of the violin. That’s why the album is titled DiversiFy. Throughout the period of this self funded production, I did not approach any labels or companies, because I truly want this album to be produced based on the experience I had gone through the past 2 years.
Thank you to Sony Music Entertainment my distributors for the album for believing in this product. I would like to once again, say Thank You to the Sony Music team: Adrian, Aziana, Tam & Yuen See for this. God Bless and I love you..
To Eileen Ker from Singapore, let’s look forward to our invasion in the lion city…Not to forget my company, Mosaic Music Entertainment’s managers, Stephanie & Reema for being there for me every second I needed u so. Syed of Mediabond and his wonderful team: Wenny, Krista, Valerie & Nazli for being the best brother and PR Guy to me…..thank you for your advice. Winnie Loo for being responsible for the hair style on my head…haha….Edwin, my trustee sound engineer and his team, Crossroads production for devoting your time and energy in making this event sound like how its suppose to. My dear friends and family, each of you present here today WERE a part of this Album (frm the tiny note, to the beat, to the groove , the phrase and sounds) and my deepest gratitude goes out to you for being involved in this project. The love of my life, Jane for inspiring me to write one of the last track in the album, track 11, I love you. Mum, for pushing me and nurturing me and making me the man I am today. Last but not least, Lord Almighty and his blessing. Thank you for this chance to bring together all present today and the gift of music here in Starhill. Thank you YTL.
God Bless. Spread the love!

Dennis Lau

Speech by Sony Music Entertainment's Managing Director- Adrian Lim

the Launch Gambit

Prelude in F minor feat. Jimmy Sax

a Sneak Peak to the 2nd Album- "Cooking Up A Storm" feat. Beatboxer Shawn Lee, Yuri Wong & Ken Chung

"MAHKOTA" feat. Syafinaz Selamat

Dennis Lau- DiversiFy on BERNAMA News

Also, announcing the Official Launch of the website: http://www.dennislau.com.my

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

Saturday, November 7, 2009

"An Introduction to The Experience" by Dennis Lau Violinist/ Songwriter- DiversiFy

"An Introduction to The Experience" by Dennis Lau Violinist/ Songwriter feat. MAJESTIK for Debut Album- "DiversiFy" press launch on the 12.11.09

Music Produced by Dennis Lau & Yuri Wong
Video Produced by Hashim Alhadad
Music OP - Sony Music Publishing Sdn. Bhd
Album Distributed by Sony Music Entertainment
Launch Date: 12th November 2009

Brace youself for the Experience =)



God Bless!

Dennis Lau

Friday, November 6, 2009

THIS IS IT- 7 Days & Counting

7 Days to the Album Launch of the Year: Dennis Lau- DiversiFy

Released in major stores late October, DiversiFy is Dennis' collaboration with the finest talents in the Malaysian music scene,
from Syafinaz Selamat,Atilia Haron,Jimmy Sax, Yuri Wong and Liang to name a few more. The famed Beijing and GuangZhou orchestra have also lent their talents to this album along with master Chinese arranger, Peng Fei.

This album is a turning point for this small city lad, who has now signed on with Sony Music Entertainment, the first instrumentalist from our country to ever do so.

Details of the event as below:-

Date:- 12th November,2009

Venue:- Shook, StarHill Gallery

Time:- 4:30pm

Theme:- Bold in Black,Red or White

P/S: Would be expanding to other stores and avenues after the press launch, would keep all of you informed. Meanwhile, i would like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to those who have got a copy of DiversiFy. Your encouragements truly motivates me to keep this going and i look very much forward to see you guys very very soon! Thank You=)
Now available in all CD Rama & Rock Corner Record Stores Nationwide!

Meanwhile, Greetings / "Nei Hou" frm Hong Kong!=)



God Bless!

Dennis Lau

Friday, October 23, 2009

Official Release of DiversiFy- 22.10.09

Tam of Sony Music......

*Here's just a sneak peak"
Finally, the wait is over......
i could feel it in in the palms of my hands.....
my fingers could touch the sleek edge of the Super Jewel Case......
I could see the glitter of the Hologram sticker.......

Thanks and much appreciation to Adrian, Tam and the team of Sony Music Entertainment, i would hereby Announced the Official Release of "Dennis Lau- DiversiFy" in Stores, nationwide...both CD Rama & Rock Corner would be the exclusive Record stores which DiversiFy would be made available.=)

It has been almost 2 years since i embarked on this journey cum album production (December 2007 to be exact), and to feel the actual "hard copy" in the hands is something just so surreal. Maybe its just me feeling this...but probably is because I was involved in every aspect of the production of this "product"..from the composing, arranging, recording, production, conceptualizing, direction, designing of it...but what can i say, if its something in which you do it out of pure passion and LURVE for it, these are the elements that strives you to achieve your dreams....plus, the result will be different, i believe.=)

At the same time, the Press Launch of the album would be happening next month. Below are the details :

Date: 12.11.09
Venue: Starhill Gallery {Shook Area)
Time: 5.00pm
Dress Code: Sleek & Red
Partners: Sony Music Entertainment, Mosaic Music Entertainment, Mediabond PR, Synapse Synergy, The Agency Team (Singapore), A Cut Above

p/s: Would update again once i have more information.=)

Much Appreciation to Jo Teh for "starting" my day off with this Swanderful "Surprise"!=)


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

Sunday, October 18, 2009

"DiversiFy"- The Countdown Begins (25 days)

& So, (drum rolls)...the Countdown begins, 25 days and ticking.......

Here's a Sneak peak on what do we have in store*winks*

A Rare & Random UNREHEARSED Jamming Session + Sneak Preview of the Press Launch of "DiversiFy" @ my Home Studio with Shawn Lee, Beatbox Extraordinare.
- "Canon in D" REMIX by Dennis Lau Violinist & Shawn Lee Beatbox

Shawn Lee's Official Website: http://www.shawnlee.me/

p/s: Heading to Singapore in a couple of hours for a meeting, would be back on Tuesday.=)

Can't wait to see you guys.....soon enough!


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sasa Fragrance Awards Finals 2009

A month ago, I had the invitation to perform for the Sasa Fragrance Awards preliminary rounds judging in Midvalley Megamall and once again, with the gracious and kind invitation from Winnie of Sasa, I had the privileged to showcase 2 of my latest originals from my album- DiversiFy, collaborating with two of the most amazing artistes in the region: Jimmy Sax & Syafinaz Selamat. Thank you Once again, SASA

Yes, you heard that right, is Syafinaz Selamat. Earlier this year, both of us decided to work and recorded a song titled "MAHKOTA" for my album. Eventually, this song is not only going to be in My album, but also Syafinaz's upcoming album as well. So do expect to listen out for this. I composed the song and she wrote the lyrics with the purpose of being able to create the mood of aspirations and being inspired when you hear this. Therefore, it has been a long wait for us to Debut this song and finally, the opportunity came=)

Also, i experimented with "Sudden Twist" with only Jimmy. Having write the song with the idea of showcasing the ability of the violin to perform with the virtuosity of the Tenor Sax & Electric Guitar did somehow made way for having Just the Soprano Saxophone this time. I always believe Music is all about being spontaneous...not always, but of course with planning. But the "Magic" of it is sometimes only happen during a performance. Not during a recording session, a rehearsals, or practice. Because each session has its own moments!

Do enjoy the moments captured below both on Pictures & Videos. Thanks to Mosaic's Events Manager Reema Bhullar & Nina

Introduction of "Sudden Twist"

Dennis Lau & Jimmy Sax

Steppin on the Crybaby Wawa with Blues effect~ check it out in the videos below=)

Group Picture

MAHKOTA Debut/ Preview by Syafinaz Selamat & Dennis Lau

The Chemistry was just like in the studios...earlier this year=)

Syafinaz Selamat & Dennis Lau

Appreciate the support=)

"Sudden Twist" by Dennis Lau Violinist/ Songwriter feat. Jimmy Sax@ the Sasa Fragrance Awards Finals 2009 in Prince Hotel.

"MAHKOTA" by Dennis Lau Violinist/ Songwriter feat. Syafinaz Selamat@ A Cut Above BSC Launch (A Day after the Sasa event)


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wonders of a Virgin Photographer

Introducing my Latest Baby- the Nikon D40X which Jane got for me.
I have always admire & appreciate good art..be it in Photography, Theater, Film, Architecture, Interior Design, paintings, etc...Whatever which involves Creativity in the mind Intrigues me....althought im Nor a Pro or Master in one...
you could consider me an avid fan..=)
Finally, i have got my hands on My very first SLR..Woots!

The D40X is not exactly the latest model...but well, is the thoughts that counts and the Beau-ti-ful Thing about it is not just frm a person whom one love, but is also the perfect match to what one have Visioned and Wanted for a long time..*winks*

Presenting my Babeh!

With a Figure that slips right into my hands...its definitely something that turns me On *winks*

and with Lens so Sexay, it helps me to turn the other party on..lol=)

Off i was snapping away...for the first time testing it out in my Home Studio=)



Then The Tree above me when having Mamak...

With my student, Cheryl.....

In Pretty In White Bridal Studio.....


and Where chicks have their "Once in a blue Moon" gathering.....=)

With the Host of course....John Teo

In Baby Millen full moon party.....

or Simply a random "photoshoot" with the Goddess of Fashion, Mama G / Gillian Hung

& finally kids...who melt hearts


On the other hand, I'm very proud to have Reema Bhullar, Mosaic Events Manager starting our very own Mosaic Music Entertaiment BLOG. This blog is meant to update every event that Mosaic is..be it a solo performance, a band performance, or whatever ensemble in all our performing venues..! Pls do check this out and give your kind feedbacks...!

P/S: Reema's Writings really Impressed me! & im not Kidding....

Also, stay tuned for DiversiFy
Coming to you.....October 2009


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sri Lanka- Country of Hospitality

Never in my Wildest dream or imagination would i ever thought of being in Sri Lanka, what more to perform there. However, it all became a reality last weekend whereby me & Jimmy were invited to perform in a Thai Restaurant Launch by the beach in Colombo. It was absolutely a mind blowing experience, an eye opener, and of course we were treated with 1st class service from the Number One Tycoon in Sri Lanka- Mr. N.Vakeesan. It was a great pleasure and honored for the kind invitation to perform in a country filled with Hospitality & Smiles. This will be a Sweet memory which i would carry around and spread whenever the name Sri Lanka is brought up.=)

Ahhh....Finally, the Mosaic Team touched base in Colombo, Sri Lanka Airport@ 345am Local time...phew!!

With our first Sri Lankan friend, Achin who works with DHL back in Kuala Lumpur on board the business class

Our Driver, Raja holding Mosaic's Events Manager name: Reema

Reema & Dennis Lau

Mount Lavinia cab to Mount Breeze Hotel where we put up for a night before heading to.....(scroll down and u will know*winks*)

Sandwich for Breakfast....ratings would be 4 out of 10

But after u dip into this...

The ratings shoot up to 9/10...no kidding. The Taste of Curry there is of course a class above!

Introducing the "Donald Trump" of Colombo- Mr. N.Vakeesan a.k.a Sri Lanka Tycoon

First Breakfast in Colombo.

Alright, as our mission here is to perform for an event. Specifically a launch of Mr. Vakeesan's Thai Restaurant, I would of course want to recce the place to see the lay out....therefore, we gotta cross this railway track first behind Mount Breeze Hotel.=)

....to this place...the Thai Restaurant...are you sure?!?!

Are you kidding? this is the morning of the event....

The timber for the floor...

Its barely 60% complete... and the launch is tonight..

I told Mr.Vakeesan:" It would be a miracle if this completes by evening 7pm"
and he said with the Strong Indian accent:"Dont worry, dont worry, when i say is done, is done~~"

Vakeesan & his workers

Crossing back to the Hotel after recce

Oh, and did i mentioned the launch is at the beach side..how cool is that?!

Dennis, Vakeesan & Brendan

Reema, Dennis & The Tycoon

Mount Breeze Hotel..One of the 1800 Properties by Mr. Vakeesan

Michael Jackson is pretty much the hyped in Sri Lanka and brendan brought me to the Ballroom to show me whats it all about....

Brendan the Hippie

Now this is what i call Life~!
After our tour around the hotel and beach, we were transferred to one of Vakeesam's apartment. There is a roof top swimming pool with crystal clear water=)

View from the Roof Top

& Inside the Apartment~

My room

Looking out into the sea, listening to the gush of waves, and feeling the breeze on your face just make you feels like...gosh, you hope that "someone" is feeling this too!=)

Heading back to the Hotel for Lunch with our Driver, Kamal....You know in Sri Lanka, all drivers Honk at the car in front every second...for example:" Beep Beep Beep(Ex-Cuse-Me)", then the car or vehicle in front would response with:"Beep Beep(Oh-Kay)"...and they would give way for the vehicle behind to pass..is like there's a conversation between the both drivers......If we Malaysians bloody Honk someone, you would expect a head sticking out along with a killer stare, or probably a third finger out of the window!

Kamal, Reema & Dennis..I was like:"Come Let's take a picture" and then click...
Kamal was like:"SHIT!!" when he saw the picture i took was in the camera frame..=)

Lion Stout totally Ousted Guinness


Understanding how the business works here in Colombo

After Lunch, we visited the site again, and well...it really looks like its nothing near to completion

Despite everything, Mr. V is pretty confident about everything..look at that grin on his face=)
And he even have the time to bring me for a shave in his favorite Salon in Colombo...

Then, we headed back to the Apartment for a swim before heading down Back again
to Mount Breeze for the Thai Restaurant Launch=)

Reema & Dennis

In every country i travel to, I always make it a point to do a jumping splash (If that place has a pool of course)..If you think is childish, think about it....u dont get Jump Splash in every part of the world everyday u know!

Obviously, this time it went a little Not as expected cos i landed on my crotch...

So i decided to redeem myself as David Hasselhoff of Colombo..

I pretty like the wood on the ceiling of my room..

Its about 630pm and back with Vakeesam to the site of the Thai Restaurant

Blissful Sunset

Baby Zac of Brendan

When the light shines....
The unveiling of SAWADEEKAP...Thai Restaurant by The Beach

The Sri Lankans practically did the Impossible....

New Zealand dance Opened the event

These dancers are probably the closest to the Original i have seen~

& Finally is our turn, presenting......Dennis Lau & Jimmy Sax@ Colombo, Sri Lanka performing Prelude in F minor & I Just Wanna

I have absolutely no doubt that this music is new to the crowd and we didnt know what to expect, but it was a blessing we received an ovation for Prelude in F minor

Thank you Sri Lanka for having us=)

The Launch in Full celebration with various group performing~

This is how Sri Lankan party with Free Flow of Alcohol..

With some Sri Lanka musicians whom i have the opportunity to meet

Okay, they are the Only ppl i crossed path with the same skin color...frm Japan!~ Sayonara

Dennis Lau & Reema Bhullar

N.Vakeesan & Dennis Lau
Then, Reema found her "Someone" amidst the crowd, Introducing Adil who was kind enough to show us around Colombo in the wee hours at 4am till 630am Malaysian Time..and he was full of energy..reason why, because colombo is 3 hours behind..-_-"

Awesome Party!
The Magnificent SAWADEEKAP Standing Tall-

With its Fireworks..

Even European tourist thronged the party...Tour Sri Lanka 2009=)

The very next morning, Mr. Vakeesan planned a full day for us with the first ride in his 4 Wheel Drive which unfortunately have to fit 4 Males inside. Therefore, the violinist have to sit on the Tycoon's lap where this picture was taken~

Because Jimmy was on the other side..haha

Mosaic Tag Team in Hilton Colombo

Weddings happens here almost everyday, maybe Mosaic should consider setting up Mosaic (PVT) LTD in Colombo...lol

By the beach for our business meeting

Breathless Beach side

Sri Lankans cant stop talking about business Every minute of the day...Their Conversation basically evolves around Investments, Construction, Development, Properties, etc

With the Chairman in the middle=)

The underground Wine Cellar
..with the array of wines available

New friends in Sri Lanka. As you can see, N. Vakeesan is on the phone 24/7

Spectacular View=)

Next up, is shopping in Colombo, where we were brought to this place called Barefoot.=) I have to say that, things there are pretty unique but nothing much to bargain for as its a place meant for tourist..

Picked up a few things for love ones, picture taking is forbidden!

& Followed with some jokes and discussions

Cheers to all!

This is Ganga=)
And there, the food was delivered.......

This is the Sri Lanka delicacy which i have forgotten the name..sigh..but it tasted good.=)

Bidding Farewell to the host

Till the next time we meet..and Thanks N.Vakeesan for this Wonderful & Unforgettable Experience=)

Look at how Vakeesan describing the performance last night...Hilarious!

More Pictures coming up on facebook=)


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau