Monday, July 5, 2010

Miracle Man - Brian Tan

17th Jan 2010

4th July 2010

If there's a real life Superhero whom i personally know, the title should be Miracle Man. Donning the suit of Miracle Man would be Brian Tan.=)
6 Months / Half a year back, a great friend of mine, Brian was diagnosed with last stage of Pancreas Cancer (View my post back then: ) and upon hearing the news, i was utterly devastated and even shed a tear or two. The same expression and emotion struck me a couple of hours ago and words cant express the joy when i visited him to see this Extraordinary soul beats the odds and feeling all recovered, after having the cancer cells all frozen to a Negative 160 degrees and cured. Since that fateful day I knew, i have never one day not send a short scripture of the Bible verse (which i receive daily from facebook) to him because i believe Miracles could happen and God creates it!

Keeping myself up to date with Brian's daily, weekly and monthly progress and at the same time, remember him in my chat with the Big man up there every night was the only thing i could do and played a part in his healing and recovering process. To see him all back to his original "color", smiling, laughing and able to chat, share, envision and plan our long awaited and anticipated concert end year together made me realized even more how much friendship and relationship means to each and everyone of our lives. This concert is going to be the first and one of its kind to bring part of "DiversiFy" to LIVE, Incorporating the elements of the different genres Backed with an awesome Live Band and a 70 piece KL PAC Orchestra. This dream lived in us during the recording process of the album...awaiting to be realized.

Finally, Thank you God for his Awesomeness...Moreover, Thank you to each and everyone of you who has kept Brian in your prayers.

God Bless!


Dennis Lau