Monday, September 21, 2009

Wonders of a Virgin Photographer

Introducing my Latest Baby- the Nikon D40X which Jane got for me.
I have always admire & appreciate good it in Photography, Theater, Film, Architecture, Interior Design, paintings, etc...Whatever which involves Creativity in the mind Intrigues me....althought im Nor a Pro or Master in one...
you could consider me an avid fan..=)
Finally, i have got my hands on My very first SLR..Woots!

The D40X is not exactly the latest model...but well, is the thoughts that counts and the Beau-ti-ful Thing about it is not just frm a person whom one love, but is also the perfect match to what one have Visioned and Wanted for a long time..*winks*

Presenting my Babeh!

With a Figure that slips right into my hands...its definitely something that turns me On *winks*

and with Lens so Sexay, it helps me to turn the other party

Off i was snapping away...for the first time testing it out in my Home Studio=)



Then The Tree above me when having Mamak...

With my student, Cheryl.....

In Pretty In White Bridal Studio.....


and Where chicks have their "Once in a blue Moon" gathering.....=)

With the Host of course....John Teo

In Baby Millen full moon party.....

or Simply a random "photoshoot" with the Goddess of Fashion, Mama G / Gillian Hung

& finally kids...who melt hearts


On the other hand, I'm very proud to have Reema Bhullar, Mosaic Events Manager starting our very own Mosaic Music Entertaiment BLOG. This blog is meant to update every event that Mosaic it a solo performance, a band performance, or whatever ensemble in all our performing venues..! Pls do check this out and give your kind feedbacks...!

P/S: Reema's Writings really Impressed me! & im not Kidding....

Also, stay tuned for DiversiFy
Coming to you.....October 2009


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau