Saturday, September 27, 2008

Singapore Day 3- 25th Sept 2008 (REDBULL F1 PARTY)

3rd Night- Redbull F1 Party, one of the Biggest F1 party@ Singapore in conjunction with their First ever F1 Night Race=)
and here comes the Malaysian Invasion.....woohoo!
Together with my Singapore Manager (Now officially appointed as)- Kathleen Rice(, it was a perfect party with food, drinks, crowd, Music, beds, and last but not least..the Beach!
Organized in Cafe Del Mar@ Sentosa, it was a party like a bridge between a Rave and a club
Here are some of the pics:

Before hitting the Low

Part of it 1

Part of i t 2

The Decks

Party timeee=)

Dennis Lau, Redbull Model & good friend, Tony frm China One, Singapore

Dennis Lau & erm...forgot her name already but remember she's from Singapore Airlines *winks*

KL + Sing@ Sentosa

Adding on into the Malaysian Team Invasion is Levy who arrived later *winks*

Mosaic Singapore Manager Kat & Dennis Lau

Dennis, Levy, Zac & Kat da Kitty

With Aviators

The Studs
Well, there were many more drinking pics and uncensored ones but you could only see that on my facebook. All in, it was one of the best parties i ever attended and well, before signing off, i still did not forget to take another Jumping pic.haha


Alright cheers, just got back frm an amazing wedding. One of the memorable one i did with Edmund Tham photography. It was the combination of the audience, Venue, food, drinks and of cos to me the most important, soundsystem=)
You would just need to keep logged on to find out *winks*


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Singapore Day 1- 23rd Sept 2008=)

Dear all,

Barely 2 hours aboard the Aeroline to Singapore, i was already starting to feel my this whole trip is gonna be all worthwhile and very productive=)
First of all, let me introduce you my very new good friend, Mr. Terry McCarthy frm Australia but based in Malaysia.
We started off chatting about my music, performing, arts as Terry himself was in production before. Film production mainly and it always fascinates me to meet ppl who share the same interest=)
Well, besides that, Terry is also conducts Dorn Spinal Therapy providing Gentle and safe relief frm back, neck and Joint pain. After talkin about music, and showing him the stuffs i do and all, i gradually learn more about him and his expertise in his practice.

For the first time (probably many of you have experienced it, but this is the First for me) and i really felt the "Qi" been transferred to me.....=)To be able to experienced that is definitely something out of this world and amazing at the same time. To be able to witness this frm a white man who is so well versed with our Chinese practice culture just motivates me to learn things even out from the box and also "think" out of the box!
Below is a picture of my new found friend- Terry=)

Terry McCarthy & Me

Classic *winks* To be able to witness and believing it is just mind blowing!

Then, i proceed to Rey's house upon reaching Singapore. After unpacking and freshening up, the first event scheduled to attend is my dear friend, Maninder Krishan's Debut Art Exhibition in OldSchool, Mont Sophia. Kathleen da Kitty, my other bestie in Singapore actually invited me over and of cos, considering Maninder is definitely one of the very talented artists i ever witness is a privileged to be part of it. Maninder focuses on the originality of India itself as its her origin and she wants to be able to share her experience here by the emotions of her art.

This is one of my favourite pics i captured on the evening itself, I believe that Maninder really specializes in capturing the expressions on the faces, AMazing!

Pic 2=)

The Biggest piece there

Maninder & Kat da Kitty in her speech, relaxx la Kat!haha

The Supportive Crowd

The Lady's Speech

The Master piece- My Fav=)

Dennis & Kat da Kitty

Kat & Clara

Kat & Dennis*again*

Looks Familiar eh?*winks*


Dennis & Clara

Alright peeps, this is the first day only...more events to come!


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

Friday, September 19, 2008

You Gotta Know- Day 2

Alright dear readers,
im pretty excited about my next song- You Gotta Know.
and this is day 2 in the Factory Studios by Maestro Producer and guitarist Yuri Wong=)
the concept of this song ( which i would not revealed much) would be more of an "acoustic hip hop" which i call it..pretty interesting as i start exploring the different sounds of acoustic instruments like the classical guitar & violin blending in with hip hop beats AND accapella voices..=)
and today we basically got the structure of it...after minutes of brainstorming.
As you all could probably see on my Upcoming shows schedule on the right hand side of the blog, i would be performing in Bangkok Jazz, Chulan Square comin Oct 31st & Nov 1st! well, if you're in town and wanna get lucky, this "You Gotta Know" might be the premier of it!
so stay tuned ya....haha
Here are some pics for your feasting on how productive today was *winks* + *grins*

Fender guitar

The Factory Studio- Crib of You Gotta Know=)


Part of the Process of the song=)

Yuri Wong~

p/s: its the end of the week and next week would be an interesting one, would be in Singapore the whole week frm Sunday, 21st September to the following Sat, 27th September. Events lined up would be an art gallery exhibition, Chivas Party & Stylo F1! Wish me luck k =)


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

Monday, September 15, 2008

Nu You Magazine September issue=)

Special thanks to Elvina frm Nu You Magazine, BLUINC for this page spread/ interview in the September issue=)
Watch out for Men's Folio September issue too..cant wait for the end of this week!=)
Maybe some of you can tell me whats the content about as my chinese cant really make it there?haha *winks*

On top of that, i realized i havent post up this video im pretty font about taken in Sunrise Jazz 2008 last month. Jimmy sax is just simply mind blowing, you guys have to watch for yourself to know why k

Enjoy! I had 6 weddings over the weekend and am pretty flat out today already. Next week gotta get ready for STYLO in conjunction with F1@ Singapore=)


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

Friday, September 12, 2008

Winnie Loo's Portrait of Hope Project@ JW Marriot

I had the honored & privileged to perform both my original songs in the presence of the King & Queen for this charity event, Portrait of Hope event@ JW Marriot a couple weeks back. Thanks to the lovely Winnie Loo for the opportunity=)
Watch out for minute 1.05 alright..*winks*

Just a short post which i would like to share the YTL's Infoscreen's media coverage of the evening.

Portrait of Hope

Dennis Lau

Jimmy Sax & Dennis Lau

Winnie Loo & Dennis Lau

Amber & Dennis=)

Me & my lovely PA, Adrienne

Creditorials to Spiel for some of the lovely professional shots above=)


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

Thursday, September 11, 2008

3 Interviews, A Jam & Great Company=)

Dear All,
It was crazily a full day for me today especially but i truly Thank God for the blessings this year and of cos today as well....actually im blogging this at 5 am in the morning where my mum is up already.....
Waking up at 10am and then had 3 Straight interviews till 5pm certainly isint an easy task..but of cos i do enjoy and appreciate every moment of it though it requires me to explain again all about my music.
Thank you to the reporters & Photographers for their kind time, especially Oriental Daily, Health Today & Female Brides in which i did all their interviews & photoshoot in one go today..and of cos with 3 different outfits la. Both Oriental Daily & Health Today's interview was done in Arkstudios ( The studio in which i record in & Thanks to Nick for the venue shot )
For the outfit for Oriental Daily, i decided to go Pink and grey, a cleaner match while for Health Today, i go for a vest instead.
I sincerely feel honored been able to share my thoughts about the music i make, the music business here & my experience with journalists/ editors always as i felt like they are the avenue which im able to connect with or would connect me with wider audience so being able to have that in mind, i have never got tired of sharing and talking with them about Music!=)

First it was with reporter Tanky Chow frm Oriental Daily, the article would be two sundays from look out for it ya *winks*

Explaning whats all my music about=)

Take 2!

Then ahh...this part is the interesting part...=), in the studio, i met a new happening talented friend frm Sabah, Jonathan Tse: who is a Christian Singer songwriter. And this guy thought me how to do a Video Blog. Well, it means basically instead of typing out, u video the day's activity on video..haha..Definitely a time saver=)...Anyway, we decided to record this V Blog..haha, basically Dennis's first Video i wouldnt know when would we meet again, we recorded a very spontaneous Christmas song together which John composed. Check it out below! *winks*

John & Dennis Lau- Acoustic Christmas *winks*

Then head to Bluinc for another interview & home for some paperworks before goin to The Gardens for dinner in Cova with Elyna & my Godsis, Elaine & John Teo (Furniture Mogul)

This is our dinner....Cova serves us extra 2 dishes, an accidental mistake.haha

Elyna & Elaine with my bottle of Wine=)

Me & Godsis, Elaine=)

Me & Bestie, Elyna. Both Elaine & Elyna has helped me alot too in my music kudos to them ya!
Later John Teo came ...but didnt took any photos with him -_-""

Look what Elaine got me for my birthday? -_-""""""


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

P/S, Dennis's article schedule: Oriental Daily- Two Sundays frm now...( dunt exactly know when though)
Health Today- October issue, front page=)
Female Brides- December issue=)