Friday, March 28, 2008

Celebrity Gym Bangsar Village 2 1st Anniversary

Hie peeps!

I attended and performed my original composition titled "I Just Wanna" yesterday evening in a star studded Celebrity Gym 1st Anniversary event in Bangsar Village 2 and it was indeed a blast! Thumbs up to Adrian Seet, the emcee of the night for the "voice" and amazing introductory of me, Hafiz & Michael from Celebrity Gym for inviting me to perform. Met a couple of friends like Amber Chia for always been so sweet, my new found friend Joanne/ Miss Malaysia Tourism Metropolitan, Justin Ah Fai, erm..who else,,,Xandria Ooi & Yuri, etc..

Later, attended OK Magazine event in Mansion in Asian Heritage Row where William bought us drinks after drinkss resulting to falling "sick" today.....-_-" , but it was cool!=)

Here are some picssss:

Would upload more on facebook so you can check out more there k!

Recommendation score for Celebrity Gym event: A +

Guess what, tonight's my gig in Bangkok Jazz so whoever stumbles upon this post, do remember to drop by at 10pm..if you cant make it, Wave Alchemist would be performing tmr night as well, same time, same place!
Cheers and Wish me Luckk!!!


Peace: Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Instrumental Duo!

Fruitful Wednesday!=)

Today, Exactly after a week recording in Nick Lee/ArkStudios in TTDI with amazing magic fingers" producer/ engineer Joe, Im back again today morning at 11am!=)...I would say today's recording is indeed one of the most mind-blowing recording and probably one of the most Im happy with though it was 5 hours stretch...

I would say morning sessions for me are better as i have much more focus, concentration level rather then night sessions..haha
We recorded a song i wrote recently, Prelude in F Minor meant for a saxophone and violin duet which would be one of the songs in the album im working on as well!=)
(A lil preview on Wave Alchemist's upcoming gig in Bangkok Jazz this fri and sat k, haha)Jimmy Sax solo's was just unbelievable and three of us including Joe really had a good time working together getting the right pitch, tone, hits, and motif Perfect & Precise for the song.......On another note, Jimmy would be leaving to Shanghai next month for permanent gigs there for 2 months, that depends whether his contract does get renew or not..but sigh, Wave Alchemist's debut in Bangkok Jazz might be the first and the last.=(
Not like i have came across a million saxophonists but Jimmy, he really helped brought my music to another level, and like a father role to me and my music..his words of encouragements, breathe and tone really inspire me to write, produce and perform good music. You gotta listen to him to know what i mean k!

Recommendation score: A+A= A+++

However, the torch of the recording/ album MUST go on!

Here are some pics which i would like to share during out sessions today:

My Solo=P

Jimmy Sax a.k.a The Legend=)

Darn, I didnt knew Joe captured this!=P

balancing it a little after session.

Stay tuned for more alright.


Peace: Good Music/ Art, Better Place

Dennis Lau

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Buddy Zung from

Dear readers,

well, as some of you know.. Among the shows i performed are weddings and to be honest, I Absolutely Lurvee organizing performing for weddings!!To see the smile on the coupls faces: indescribable!
Mosaic Music Entertainment Wedding packages: Reasonable & Compatible!!!

Anyway, As a fan of good photography, today i just met up with a good friend/ working partner of mine, someone whom i looked up to in every aspect of creativity and art: Zung from
Nevertheless, i regard and highly recommend him as the best wedding photographer in the region. Not only because he's my good friend but because of his ability to Capture MOMENTS! In which i think plays an extremely important role in events like weddings..
Some couple would just hire a reasonably ohkay/ normal photographer as ong as the fella could take some pics and make it to an album for their wedding BUT for Zung, Ooh, is totally a different story in the pics he takes! Actually, i came across his pics through the first ever wedding gig i have done back in December 2005 in Marriot, KL. Since then, i am totally mesmerized by it.

Widely recognizable for his pony tail, he not only is down to earth, humble but also has a great sense of creativity and gives great suggestions/ advises & commitments in his work.
Here below, i would like to promote and display some of his works:

p/s: some of his pics can be viewed from my website

Seriously, i would love to upload moree..but the pics I have today are all too good to select which one could be uploaded, so this time round is only 6 pics alright!

Recommendation score: A + A= AA++

Zung: 012-3391331
Gallery Area: Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Zung, Thank you very much for the poster i received today, Appreciate it.

Till my next post k


Peace: Good Music/ Art, Better Place

Dennis Lau

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dennis, Shazzy & Atilia in the Houseee!!!


As all of ya'll know, THE ALBUM I am recording is going to consists of different pop genres in it. One of the songs I'm doing experiments around with Hip HOp beats! which I not long ago thought would be really cool interesting. And to be able to collaborate both the violin, hip hop beats, rap and vocals into it is something different here! Therefore, I sought the help of Malaysia's "Timbaland" Shazzy =)

So yesterday morning at 11am, after months of planning, going through the demos...I started recording the vocals for this song which Shazzy and I would be producing. Its called GOOD ENOUGH!. To top it up, we have none other then artiste Atilia Haron in the house ya'll!! She is GOD sent! =)

Recommendation score: A ++++

Joe, The Magic Fingers @ Work!shhhh -

Diva @ Work! shhhh -

Timbaland @ Work! shhhh -

Ribuan Terima Kasih darling! -

For the rest of the pics, kindly check it out on my Facebook album at:

Thanks for reading!

Peace - Good Music, Better Place.

Dennis Lau

Monday, March 17, 2008

SOAR - String On Air Realized!

Finally, it was REALIZED!! after months of planning, not to forget the hours spent waiting and rehearsals the team and I went through....we SOARed!

SOAR is a collaboration with Grace from Milestone Productions of creating a stunt violinist in the air. I took up the challenge (weheeey! who else but me right??? =) ) because I thought it was something fun and never been done before and would be very different to give the audience and me a whole different level of perception about music and entertainment.

To be honest, I have a slight fear of heights...the scary part wasn't being in the air swinging (Seriously, being in the air was REAL FUN!) but to climb up the ladder located at the backstage and then BOOM!, start flying out once the door is opened!!!

SOAR was actually an opening gambit for Longines Sports Collection and indeed, its a good event to launch this particular "stunt" thing...

Thank you to Grace from Milestone, Dee Lu, Geoff and the team for being there for me (my Insurance basically) and Longines for everything!

Recommendation Score: A +++

My Insurance and I =)

More pics on

P/S: On other note, I have just got out from watching 10,000 BC in GSC...Pls, dont bother watchin unless u wanna spend half of the entire movie which is 2 hours plus listening to most of the characters speaking in native pre-historic languages...YAKU..MEMEK..BAKU....%(&!*@%$*%

Recommendation Score: C-

Thanks for reading!

Peace- Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Wave Alchemist by Dennis Lau

Dear Friends, Dudes & Babes,
All right, its exactly TWO WEEKS counting down to the "Wave Alchemist Inaugural Performance" at Bangkok Jazz, Chulan Square, KL (Opposite Pavilion) on the 28th & 29th March 2008. Im taking the advertising of this gig to a whole different level,(maybe not to all but to me...cos I have never ever blogged): BLOGGIN! is it THAT obvious that im THAT desperate??? :)

Here are the Details:

*2 Nights in a Row!*

28th March 2008 and 29th March 2008 @ 10pm!

Location: Bangkok Jazz Thai Bistro, Lot B1 & B1-A, Chulan Square, 92 Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 KL

FREE ADMISSION!! Limited Space so best be early and on time!

For reservations, please call 03-21458708.

All new line up! All new compositions!

Electric Violinist: Dennis Lau
Saxophone: Jimmy Sax
Keyboards: Tay Cher Siang
Guitars: Billy Ho
Bass: Ken Chung
Drums: Martin Ngim
Guest Singer: Clair Vanessa Rozells

OK, enough of the gig promotions stuff. I've actually been personally promoting this gig since for the past 1 and a half month. Also, I want to thank dearest Elyna Tan from Bangkok Jazz, my co- ........ for allowing and giving me the privilege to have these particular dates and stage as well!

You know, this day/moment is my first time writing a blog. I have actually kept this blog account for the past year, wanting to start or launch it but every freaking time i seat down on the computer and say:" All right la, lets write something interesting today!" fingers just go blank -_- (mind rather, I dont think my fingers have a brain to think...)

Anyway, speaking of The Wave Alchemist, its actually a band that I formed for this recording and album project I have in mind. It's been a while since we did our first recording which was a song I wrote last year titled "I Just Wanna" and since then, I have continued my search for inspirations to compose and write songs coz I am sooo determined to produce more good music.

The important thing is, I DONT really wanna make a million bucks out of this but its more for self improvement purposes and for my fellow earthlings who lurveeeeee and appreciate good music....

Also, without the musically talented band mates: Cher Siang for his fast and furious fingers on the keyboards, Ken Chung for his groove, Martin Ngim for his unbeatable "kick", Billy for his guitar vibes & Jimmy Sax, undoubtedly the most important person of all in the band, for his amazing tone and blowing on the sax...He ultimately brings the music of the band to a whole different level, you see see me i say??!! You know what I'm talking about.

The Wave Alchemist is not entirely just about my own music, but also showcases and displays of each musician as a soloist. Part of the project invloves each musician composing a few songs or probably at least one song for the recording, the songs they wrote themselves and is basically their original mind/finger/ear works. So the spotlight is shared between us!!! =)

So pls do come this 28th & 29th March 2008 (Friday and Saturday night) to Bangkok Jazz! I promise a really good night and some fresh funky and new beats...and Bangkok Jazz is an awsome place anyways....

SO with this, I hereby officially launch my writing something for my blog. I hope you all could kindly give me some feedback as I am still at a kindergarden stage at this bloggin business!

Stay with me as I tell the tale of my nimbled fingers on the strings and ivories throughout the year ok...

I hope this last!=)

Thanks for reading!

Peace - Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau