Monday, December 29, 2008

Blessings of Year 2008

The Blessings to me this year is beyond words and i would like to say a very very big Thank you to all my fellow friends, business partners, musicians whom has made this year such a memorable yet productive one for me.=)
As we all dawn upon a brand new year 2009, the one thing i hope is unity and a true friendship/ relationship with all my friends who has helped me in all ways. From the music i make, record, perform, the media i have been exposed to, the opportunity to perform, the ideas we shared, lessons and advises that i have learned, and of cos the inspiration i earned is money can't buy and i just wanna say i truly appreciate all these.

Here are a few names which i would like to extend my best wishes and gratitude to: Elyna Tan, Winnie Loo, Atilia Haron, Syafinaz Selamat, Yuri Wong, Josh Lim, Xandria Ooi, Shazzy, Majestic, Amber Chia, Stephanie Chai, Syed Idid, Kidchan, Kathleen, Ed Ashton, Christine Leong, DKBU, Jimmy Sax, Selina Yeop, Jim Liaw, Chermaine Poo, Zung, Natasha, Liz Chong, Tat Tong, Sherry Oh, Nicolette, Donovan Chan, JC Wong, Cher Siang, Martin Ngim, Ken Chung, Joe Loy, Nick Lee, Brian Tan, Kewei, Jonathan Ang, Sabrina Tan, Ellyn, Shah, Wilson Jong, Sudin, Lily, Paul, Intan, James Boyle, Sue Song, Adrian Wong, Adrienne, Kris Wong, Veralyne, Aunty Helen, Fiona, Willy Foo, Selina Ang, Teh, Maggie Yew, Jeremy Lim, Jane Wong, My fellow clients who trusted Mosaic in delivering the best in their events, and the list goes on...

Some has asked whats my new year resolution for the next year. Well, my new resolution for the year 2008 is to be able to record an album and as fortunate as i can be, i have completed all 10 tracks! Therefore my new year resolution for 2009 is to be able to LAUNCH this album! Thank you Lord for the people you have let me cross path with and had these wonderful working experience with in this year 2008 and i pray that we could all work together in getting good music out there in the year 2009.=) At the same time, allow me to continue to make more good music for everyone..that's my Resolution!=)


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Prelude in F minor@ Souled Out, Christmas 2008

Thanks Michelle, Fanny, Cassie for making this possible.=)
Merry Christmas and may god bless ya!

p/s: i Almost "Fell" at one part of this song...*winks*


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Experiencing Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas! Hohoho!
Christmas, a time of Love, Gratefulness, Remembrance, Appreciation, Give and Take.
Thank you to all dearest friends, supporters, readers, music enthusiasts for making this year a possibility and such a memorable one as we come to a close of the year and to celebrate the ONE season that unites us all, Christmas.=)
I, personally "kicked" off my Christmas week watching/ witnessing my lovely PA Steph's performing in a Play in her church, FGA which i was actually very impressed by the whole production frm the dancers, musicians, actors, to the soundsystem, etc..
Here below are some of her's UNEXPECTED cheekyness.=)

PA Stephanie in her Christmas Play=)

Cheeky or Pure Talent?=)

Next up i had a performance in Souled Out last night with the Theme Masquarade=)
Along with the company of good friends like Steph, Don, Syed, Ryan, etc... we create a little craziness within!

Sufiah & Dennis Lau

My Lovely PA Stephanie and me

Dennis Lau & Vijay (The Ultimate Entertainment)

My bro, Syed & Me=)

The Phantom Dancers!

Steph & Syed=)

Steph's Darling(DON) & Steph..

Steph & Den

We Are Familyyyy


Five & Dime

The Christmas 2008 Family=)

The Ultimate Singer, The Ultimate PA, & The Ultimate ......

Yeah!! Popping..Merry Christmas 2008!

IP MAN Pose..still havent got over the movie yet..hehe....=)And Finally No.9, my Favourite Number...

Finally, i would like to thank a very special friend of mine, Sabrina Tan..all da way frm Texas, USA for the wonderful wonderful special presents delivered to me 3 weeks ago and i vowed NOT to open it till Christmas and am very impressed by the little details she sees on the net though we have not actually met in person. Also, my regards frm Yuri & Jimmy Sax goes out to you for being such wonderful and sweet!. Thanks Sabrina, Merry Blessed Chrismtas to you and Maddox!=)

P/S: Souled Out videos in the next post..*winks*!


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

PR Awards 2008

Thank you Syed, My Dear Friend and PR King for this wonderful invitation to perform in such a memorable event.=)
It's of course my first PR Dinner and i've got the opportunity to meet and open my eyes to different ppl in the PR industry. Thus giving me a much more in depth understanding of how the PR industry works.

Mosaic is proud to be part of the entertainment sponsor for this event and also, to showcase Malaysia's Best Saxophonist, my Soul bro, Jimmy Sax!*Back frm Recovery!*=)

Shall cut the story short this time, after a day of recording with Yuri..We are working on some new live stuffs, and this evening i had a shoot for Brycream,, its time to call it a day and Chill through the night!

Jimmy Sax, Dennis Lau & Don Chan( Steph's Darling )

My Opening Speech

Dennis Lau & Jimmy Sax ( Good to have you back Bro! )

Stephanie Chai & Dennis Lau frm Mosaic Music Entertainment

The 3 Stooges- Dennis Lau, Syed Idid & Kid Chan

Dennis Lau & Raymond

Stephanie & The Legend Himself=)

Family Portrait=)




Mosaic Music Entertainment by Dennis Lau

Syed Idid, Stephanie Chai, Donovan Chan

Dennis Lau & Syed Idid, the Man behind the PR Awards 2008, Kudos bro!

Haha, well, more pics then words right? sometimes i prefer this way..
Anyway, a little update on MAHKOTA, the vocal and violin duet...its now been sent to Shanghai to be recorded with the GuangZhou Symphony this Fri=) Wish me luck!


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

The Sun 2008

My sincere appreciation to The Sun for this wonderful article.=)

PR Agency: Selina & Associates (Stephanie Chai & Selina Yeop)
Wardrobe: Key Ng
Hairdo: Winnie Loo frm A Cut Above
Watch: Baume & Mercier
And most of all, Soo Wern Jun frm The SUN...Many thanks for the details and layout of the impressed!


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mahkota- The Making 2

Once again, back in the studios to complete MAHKOTA, the lead violin part..=)
And since it's a public holiday for Selangor, i seize the opportunity to get it done quickly. Main reason is i would like to send the file over to my arranger/ violinist friend, Peng Fei in Shanghai to record the orchestra over the weekend and to hopefully record in GuangZhou, as the cost there would be much better.
So well, this time with a "click" track, Peng Fei's job gonna be so much easier right?

Peng Fei's a very good friend of mine and is also a fellow jazz violinist/ arranger/ Composer like me based in Shanghai, China.
Probably one of the best musician i know around the globe!
Here's WHY & a little biodata about him being the maestro himself!

Violinist and Composer Peng Fei has been selected to compose music for the official celebrations at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China.

Peng Fei graduated 3 times with highest distinction from Shanghai Conservatory of Music on classic violin performance (2000), the Royal Brussels Music Conservatory majored in jazz performance and composition (2002) and the Royal Conservatory of THE HAGUE where he studied with saxophonist John Ruocco (2003). Peng Fei composes music for international brand advertising, TV commercials, documentaries, TV dramas and movies.

He has appeared worldwide as a performer and music director: the 2002 German Castal Jazz Festival; 2003 Macau International Jazz Festival with jazz great Eugene Pao special performance; 2005 Singapore Art Of Chinese Festival, 2005 Hong Kong International art festival-All that shanghai jazz, 2005 Hong Kong International Jazz Festival-Coco Zhao/Peng Fei special performance; 2006 Malaysian Miri international Jazz Festival-All that shanghai jazz, 2006 Canadian Montreal International Jazz Festival- Possicobilities Band special performance.

Peng Fei appears in 2007 at the Montreal Jazz Festival and at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

Peng Fei & Dennis Lau@ Penang Jazz 2007

*This album has been an honored to have you(Peng Fei) to be a part of it, and my sincere gratitude and appreciation goes to you for the arrangements of Prelude in F minor & Mahkota*

This evening@ Arkstudios

I love recording, why because thats the only time when i will try to play best to perfection and that the same time, dressed DOWN..haha=)

My trustie Studio Enginner, Joe Loy, Thanks Mate!=)


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

Friday, December 5, 2008

Mahkota- The Making 1

Dear Peeps,

Back in the studios again,,this time with a whole new and elevated synergy, aura and determination to finish the last song of my album.. Previously recorded as "Track 9" then "Gemilang 2",,ahem....MAHKOTA.
As an introduction, Mahkota in Bahasa Malaysia means Crown and i wanna compose a song to inspire ppl as much as im inspired and influenced by the different ppl i meet each day, frm my close friends, working colleagues, musicians, artistes, and maybe you as well...and Mahkota is conceptualized/ composed/ arranged/ written to signify one's capability to Not give up, be strong, follow your passion & determination, to be at the top of your game therefore to deliver your best!
Of course, being the composer and arranger of this song, im indeed very humbly honored to do a collaboration with Malaysia's NO.1 Soprano: Syafinaz Selamat. Thank you very much to lend your voice and lyrcis in this song and im sure, with this whole concept of vocals and violin duet, we could take this song further.=)

Several friends has asked me:" are ya doing it in Malay or English?"..i say:" It would be in Bahasa." and the next question i would get is:" why? if you would like to market it internationally, mass etc?"
Well, as a Malaysian ultimately, I believe that we must be proud of our country and depict that we as Malaysian could do something different as well in terms of musically, showmanship and concept, in our OWN LANguage! Therefore, Bahasa Malaysia as our national language is the best to reach out.
To be honest, its been quite a while since i come upon and realize how beautiful our own national language is....Brilliant Sya!=)

Below is today's recording session.....=)*winks*

Mahkota Lyrics

Recording of Vocals by Syafinaz~

Producing the Vocals~

Finishing touches with Joe~

Its a Wrap!! yeah!

Dennis Lau & Syafinaz Selamat


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau