Wednesday, December 17, 2008

PR Awards 2008

Thank you Syed, My Dear Friend and PR King for this wonderful invitation to perform in such a memorable event.=)
It's of course my first PR Dinner and i've got the opportunity to meet and open my eyes to different ppl in the PR industry. Thus giving me a much more in depth understanding of how the PR industry works.

Mosaic is proud to be part of the entertainment sponsor for this event and also, to showcase Malaysia's Best Saxophonist, my Soul bro, Jimmy Sax!*Back frm Recovery!*=)

Shall cut the story short this time, after a day of recording with Yuri..We are working on some new live stuffs, and this evening i had a shoot for Brycream,, its time to call it a day and Chill through the night!

Jimmy Sax, Dennis Lau & Don Chan( Steph's Darling )

My Opening Speech

Dennis Lau & Jimmy Sax ( Good to have you back Bro! )

Stephanie Chai & Dennis Lau frm Mosaic Music Entertainment

The 3 Stooges- Dennis Lau, Syed Idid & Kid Chan

Dennis Lau & Raymond

Stephanie & The Legend Himself=)

Family Portrait=)




Mosaic Music Entertainment by Dennis Lau

Syed Idid, Stephanie Chai, Donovan Chan

Dennis Lau & Syed Idid, the Man behind the PR Awards 2008, Kudos bro!

Haha, well, more pics then words right? sometimes i prefer this way..
Anyway, a little update on MAHKOTA, the vocal and violin duet...its now been sent to Shanghai to be recorded with the GuangZhou Symphony this Fri=) Wish me luck!


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

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Eudora said...

Gd luck for the Shanghai recording ! ;)