Wednesday, July 30, 2008

DKT Recording--> Paul Van Dyke@ Zouk--> Shopping with Kathleen--> Playeur Mag Launch--> China One Dinner =)

Dear peeps,
thank you for putting up and being patient..been a while since i last update and to be honest, i felt really bad about it not been able to update my blog as often as i could.=)
But is all good......
Did the Sunrise Jazz Festival in Plaza Mont Kiara and it was a blast...I would be performing yet again this fri, Aug 1st..same time, same venue!=) So pls do swing by yet again and i/ we will try to rock your world once again. This time round, there would be a Special Guest artist, who is a dear friend of mine as well...*wink* Guess you all know whos that already....

Anyway, i was in Singapore over the weekend, frm Sunday till today for a short recording session with Singapore Producer/ Songwriter, Tat Tong.

DKT in the Process~

Recording the New Hip Hop track, havent got a title for it yet but yeah, its Hip Hop Violin..not jazz, rock, pop...but Hip hop!

The Legendary Tat Tong lending his vocals as well into the track.. This is officially our first DKT track...=)

Even I got to LEND my vocals too. despite having a bad throat..well, im currently having a bad throat, and i basically lost my i sound like Dark Knight!

Tat Tong, this guy is a genius. Enough said.=)

Moving on to the night on Sunday, which i bunk in Kathleen's place. Then decided to watch Paul Van Dkye in Zouk!

Dennis, Kat da Kitty, Allan

The Crowd is madness

Awesome Lightings- I like!=)

da killer bombs=)

Okay, introducing...Kathleen da Kitty! this is Kat & me, probably the most awesome chick i know in Singapore besides Kewei..she took care of me and put up with all mah shits over the span of three days plus sending me back to the bus station.=) HUgs to ya Kat!

Next day, Shoppin in Orchard. Kat had too much red bull the previous night and i have to tend to her whines every 10 mins..



The evening:

Playeur Mag Launch *winks*

The venue- which i forgot the name already. It was initially a church before turned Bungalow Restaurant.=)

Dennis Lau, Mainda ( Kat's Colleague who is also an amazing painter as well, saw her artwork and was really blown away with it! ), Kat da Kitty=)

Tony frm China One- It was nevertheless the best place in Singapore: Definitely a recommendation venue for Good food, and Good music frm different genres on different days of the week. Thanks Tony for the hospitality and all! We are almost on the way in working something together=)

Tat Tong

Doing the YAW!

The 1st Draft=)

For more pics: Kindly log on to


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wave Alchemist by Dennis Lau feat. Gina Panizales Live@ Sunrise Jazz Festival 2008- Plaza Mont Kiara, 25th July 2008 (Friday), 9pm!

Gina Panizales~

Dennis Lau~

My Bro Jimmy Sax is Back!! woohoo,,You could expect the Unexpected! *winks*

Gina Panizales has always been in love with music. Ever since her schooldays, she has been very active in participating in choirs, musicals and theater productions. It
It was when she discovered jazz that her career in music really took off. Citing Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Tania Maria, Dinah Washington, BB King, Etta James, Al Jarreau, Diane Schuur, Diane Reeves, Poncho Sanchez and Celia Cruz as her influences, she slowly transformed her sound from popular music and R&B to jazz, blues and latin which she has always loved listening to.

In 2006, Gina finally decided that it was high time for her to record her debut album. Having kept several songs for years, she sought the help of renowned local jazz guitarist and producer Roger Wang to produce her album, titled Finally. The album was recorded and mastered at RAM Productions in Kota Kinabalu and Sonique Productions in Kuala Lumpur.

Solo Violinist/ Songwriter Dennis Lau is one of Malaysia’s rising star musicians, carving a prominent impact on the contemporary jazz/ pop music scene. Dennis began his violin training at the tender age of 8, under the tutelage of Miss Nora Kim and Mr. Andrew Chye, and obtained the ATCL Diploma by the age of 15. This protégé was the Award Winner for Outstanding Performance for the world class Trinity College London, LTCL examinations and subsequently in the following year, was awarded for Outstanding Performance for Violin for the Trinity College London FTCL examinations before completing his degree under the Newcastle Music Degree Program, Australia. From years of experience in performing and influences of classical, pop and jazz, Dennis has mastered the skill of amalgamating the musical elements from different genres of classical, pop, and R&B into his latest jazz compositions. His music is a mix of jazz and R&B, with a funky twist, resulting in a fusion of modern and fresh contemporary jazz sounds.

Dennis’s music and presence can claim fame from his regular performances at KL & Singapore's feature socialite events and his frequent musical showcases at notable jazz venues around KL and Singapore as well.

In the past, Dennis has teamed up with James Boyle and The Ragged Tigers and featured in both the annual Penang Island Jazz Festival in 2006 and 2007, the Genting International Jazz Festival in 2007 and together performed by invitation at the Gumi Cultural Jazz Festival in Korea.. Dennis is currently in the midst of producing his maiden album due to be released early 2009, which he composed and produced himself.

Swing by the Sunrise Jazz Festival 2008@ Plaza Mont Kiara for a stellar line up of Malaysian musicians performing Original Compositions by Dennis Lau & Gina
-July 25th, 2008 ( Fri ), 9pm Onwards

Wave Alchemist-
Electric Violin: Dennis Lau
Saxophone: Jimmy Sax
Keyboards: Wilson Jong
Bass: Ken Chung
Drums: Sudin
Vocals: Gina Panizales

Kindly RSVP to this facebook event:
Free Admission!


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Walk With You" Showcase Videos & The No Plastic Bag Concert Promo, Pls Support!

Son Of A Chinese composed by our Dear Bassist Maestro, Ken Chung
Decided to feature and do a collaboration with the Erhu this time round with the Multi talented Kewei & it is no doubt one of the Instrumental duet songs i loved most which would be in my upcoming album besides the Prelude in F minor! *wink*

MARINA- Probably one of my latest and freshiest composition making its premier on the night itself! Composed and arranged like just a 3 days before the show.=)
Might be in the album as well....yea it would be!haha
Check out Ken Chung (Bassist) Solo...wooo!!
If "you" are watchin this, you know who u are babe! *grins*

Ai Ai Ai- An RnB song composed by Hong Kong artiste, Fang Da Tong

Pu Tong Peng You by David Tao- Thats how i met Kewei 2 years back in the David Tao's Love Can concert in KL..Then we gotta wait for 2 years to reach this point where we can both share stage as solo performers ourselves =)

Yue Liang Tai Piau Wo De Sin/ Moon Represents my Heart- David Tao's version

Ru Guo- An original composition of Kewei. Check out Eric Guitar's Solo & mine! The crowd were very encouraging & motivating that night! Thanks to all=)

And of cos my usual......

I Just Wanna- My first ever composition *wink*

To sum it all up, the night was speechless.....though 2 weeks has passed, i still wish and hope that history could repeat itself.
My sincere Thanks to Digi & Elyna frm Bangkok Jazz!=)

p/s: next post would be Esplanade gig in Singapore..stay tuned alright?

On the other hand, would like to kindly promote a concert i would be performing in : The No Plastic Bag Concert in Eastin Hotel.
Here are the details off facebook:

Time and PlaceDate:
Thursday, July 17, 2008

7:00pm - 11:00pm

Eastin Hotel
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Contact InfoPhone:

A one night-only concert with more than 30 local celebrities for green causes - the love for a greener world and care for the strays in our neighbourhoods. Proceeds from the concert will benefit the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) and Independent Pet Rescuers (IPR).

Fashion shows, musical performances, dances, green kiosks, and all things chic and GREEN!!

The Recyclists -

Who will be there -

Music lovers, animal lovers, environment activists...

The evening will feature appearances & performances by Atilia, Bernie Chan, Chelsia Ng, Corrine Adriene, Dawn Jeremiah, Deborah Henry, Elvira, Dennis Lau, Ina Fabregas, Harith Iskander, Hannah Lo, Ida Mariana, Janet Lee, Joanna Bessey, Miss Malayisa Universe 2008 Levy Li, Mia Palencia, Na'a Murad, Nell Ng, Peter Ong, Rasif Rahim, Stephanie Chai,TP Lim, Tria, Shahrizan Borhan, Xandria Ooi, Yang Wei Han, Zalina Lee and many more!

There will be -
fashion shows, comedy performance, musical performances, green kiosks, drinks & food and all things chic and GREEN!

Entry by donation. Minimum donation of RM50 (includes light snacks)

For reservations, please call Nanyang Foundation 03- 76508676 (Sarryan) or email

My recommendation is kindly pls support this and create awareness!
I have 4 Complimentary tickets so just email me at for them k.

I love animals, especially i think this plight is really under the awareness level..Thats why i composed this song- Kindness which would be a charity song involving different artistes. Pls support for a good cause alright=)
RSVP to :


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

Friday, July 11, 2008

Back in ArkStudios- Kindness=)

I love working in Studios...its relaxing and inspiring!=)
Able to wear the least casual, shout/ sing at the top of your lungs, play whatever tune you have in your head, brainstorming fresh ideas & opinions, meeting fellow musicians, etc..
Is all part of the package..
Last night, i was in ArkStudios, the studio where im currently recording my album. Kewei was down for a corporate show tonight in Sunway Resort Hotel and also to record "Son Of A Chinese", my bassist Ken Chung's ultimate composition in which i would like to do a collaborative instrumental piece with the Erhu..Of cos again with the beautiful & talented Kewei frm Singapore!!!

Producing strings instrument i believe is probably one of the difficult thing around as to get the exact tone quality, is certainly not easy. I always believe playing a string instrument, more importantly violin, or erhu is like a you gotta have to produce the tone of the violin as though its like a singing voice. *grins*

Another piece im currently working is a charity song for Abused Animals in which im hopefully could be used as the theme/ general song for the Independent Pet Rescuers or whoever who love and save animals..
Its gonna be yet another collaborative unity effort by our Malaysian- Singaporean artistes like Atilia Haron, Pete Teo, RnB artiste Liang, Kewei, Joe Loy ( My co-producer/ studio sound engineer), Me myself and hopefully more would join in this public awarness of animals...*wink*


Producing the track~


Dennis & Kewei

Kewei & Pete Teo

Singer Songwriter Pete & Violinist Songwriter Den

Fei Chai Joe


Kindness- First DRAFT!


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wedding of Yeow Heng & Lois June 21st, 2008@ Renaissance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

On the 21st of June, 2008.
I had the previledge to perform in Yeow Heng & Lois's wedding in Renaissance, KL. One of the very most appreciative couple/ client i had so far, what more with the venue, which I personally consider as one of the good venues to perform in because of the good acoustics, lightings, spacious, heights of ceilings, etc......
Anyway, here i would love and share with ya some pics and a wedding video montage taken by *wink*
the team i considered Top of it class, easy said=)

Amazing shots aint it?
More below...=)

p/s: In the first video, my image could be seen at the Lastt bit/ second of the entire video so pls look out for it blends well with the background music. *grins*

The First Dance, Mosaic Music Entertaiment's Jazz Fusion Band actually accompanied them during the first dance..its lovely=)
Dont u agree?


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

2 Nights 2 Remember@ Bangkok Jazz, KL

Dear All,

First and foremost, i would like to thank each and everyone of you for being there last fri & Sat night to my duet showcase with Kewei all da way frm Singapore=)
You guys make each applause, moment, laughters worth it!..
Also, special thanks to Sponsor Digi who sponsored the event, a& Elyna frm Bangkok Jazz for making this possible!=)
The coverage, publicity, advertisements were beyond OUR expectations....
The day after Kewei & me arrived frm Singapore for a gig there, which was a Wednesday( We performed in Esplanade last monday), she lost her voice and was down with Sore Throat, Flam, COugh and whatever you could Never imagine...However, it was a miracle she recovered just in time for it on friday & sat, making this showcase one of the best showcase i ever done...And to be able to shared the stage with Kewei, is truly a Privilege thing..=)

Basically, this whole mini concert was titled "Walk With You" which is one of the songs in the album im currently recording. Its a duet actually..As ironic as it can sound, we try to take the audiences on that day to our musical journey, on how did both me and kewei met and got back in touch, to genres of music we love, our influences, the thoughts and ideas we shared, and the music that we both performed best!

Anyway, without the support of friends, clients & audiences, it wouldnt be possible also despite the music and publicity we thanks to my dear friends, students, clients, friends frm Singapore who came down all the way ( Especially Jon Ang, Rey, and Kewei's mates)...wahseh!, photographers, adverlets bloggers & Josh, etc...if i missed out anyone, you know who u are k!

Meanwhile, the following amazing shots were credited to two awesome photographers: DKBU & Andrew, Thanks guys!

A Force to be Reckon With~


Kewei *hugs*

Erhu & Violin Duet!

Jon- Singaporean Maestro

Seriously, whats my guitarist Eric Kok thinking? =P

Dennis Lau, Advertlets Guy Josh, Kewei

Digi Rocks!

Triple D

Thomas frm NST & Dennis Lau

Us & Andrew Photography=)

Kit & Dennis

Me & My Bro- Edwin/ My Trustie Sound Engineer=)


The Chicks! *winks*

& I Tried *grins*


Woohoo!! another Jumping pic! -_-""

More pics on my facebook *winks* &



Stay tuned..the next post would be my Esplanade, Singapore experience..or maybe Videos frm our "Walk With You" showcase...=)

Once again, thank you to all who came and support our guys are the one who keep me going in my music!


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau