Wednesday, July 30, 2008

DKT Recording--> Paul Van Dyke@ Zouk--> Shopping with Kathleen--> Playeur Mag Launch--> China One Dinner =)

Dear peeps,
thank you for putting up and being patient..been a while since i last update and to be honest, i felt really bad about it not been able to update my blog as often as i could.=)
But is all good......
Did the Sunrise Jazz Festival in Plaza Mont Kiara and it was a blast...I would be performing yet again this fri, Aug 1st..same time, same venue!=) So pls do swing by yet again and i/ we will try to rock your world once again. This time round, there would be a Special Guest artist, who is a dear friend of mine as well...*wink* Guess you all know whos that already....

Anyway, i was in Singapore over the weekend, frm Sunday till today for a short recording session with Singapore Producer/ Songwriter, Tat Tong.

DKT in the Process~

Recording the New Hip Hop track, havent got a title for it yet but yeah, its Hip Hop Violin..not jazz, rock, pop...but Hip hop!

The Legendary Tat Tong lending his vocals as well into the track.. This is officially our first DKT track...=)

Even I got to LEND my vocals too. despite having a bad throat..well, im currently having a bad throat, and i basically lost my i sound like Dark Knight!

Tat Tong, this guy is a genius. Enough said.=)

Moving on to the night on Sunday, which i bunk in Kathleen's place. Then decided to watch Paul Van Dkye in Zouk!

Dennis, Kat da Kitty, Allan

The Crowd is madness

Awesome Lightings- I like!=)

da killer bombs=)

Okay, introducing...Kathleen da Kitty! this is Kat & me, probably the most awesome chick i know in Singapore besides Kewei..she took care of me and put up with all mah shits over the span of three days plus sending me back to the bus station.=) HUgs to ya Kat!

Next day, Shoppin in Orchard. Kat had too much red bull the previous night and i have to tend to her whines every 10 mins..



The evening:

Playeur Mag Launch *winks*

The venue- which i forgot the name already. It was initially a church before turned Bungalow Restaurant.=)

Dennis Lau, Mainda ( Kat's Colleague who is also an amazing painter as well, saw her artwork and was really blown away with it! ), Kat da Kitty=)

Tony frm China One- It was nevertheless the best place in Singapore: Definitely a recommendation venue for Good food, and Good music frm different genres on different days of the week. Thanks Tony for the hospitality and all! We are almost on the way in working something together=)

Tat Tong

Doing the YAW!

The 1st Draft=)

For more pics: Kindly log on to


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

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