Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Esplanade Singapore 2008

I had the honor sometime last month to perform together with Kewei and some of the best musicians @ the Esplanade, Singapore. Probably one of the venue which i have ever dream of performing at. And indeed it was a memorable one, Though just a lunchbox concert.=) It was actually Kewei's lunchbox concert and the last of the series of lunchbox concert in Esplanade.
We perform an array of chinese pop music. A genre i grew up listening..i mean im sure alot of you too listen to chinese pop stuffs but something i dont normally perform. It was a basically a concert depicting Kewei's journey as a singer herself frm the day she was involved in the music scene, to touring in concerts, and now..doing her own stuffs so it was pretty cool together with the acoustic setting of a grand piano, a Steinway mind ya with Yin Yi, guitar by Daniel Chai, me on Violin & of cos Kewei on vocals=)

The hall was dead silence with a capacity of about 500 to 600 ppl. Basically lunchbox is free admission so whoever citizen could just come in. But nevertheless, Kewei's fans is an abundant along with the support and family and friends=)
To sum it all up, it was indeed a concert/ performance to remember for me..thanks to Kewei!
Here below are some pics so you could see whats it like!
The lightings were amazing.....=)

Just the 4 of us=)

My solo in Ru Guo=)

Kewei & her Erhu

da Maestros

My Toys=)

Filling it up..


Alright, till da next time!!
p/s: just finish my 2 consecutive shows in Sunrise Jazz in mont kiara last week, it was a blast..cant wait for Steph to upload the videos for me!


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

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