Friday, May 30, 2008

Dennis La Orchestra~=P

Dear Peeps, if u have been reading my recording process for the past months or my older posts, i would be featuring local jazz singing sensation Atilia Haron & Rapper/ Producer Shazzy on one of the tracks im doing now: Good Enough!=)
Finally, the violin/ strings part has all be recorded today..Started the day as early as 11am. To give an idea to u guys whats it about, is actually a mix of violin and hip hop all together....*grins*.
Have u not hear something like that?
Well, i had this particular idea of blending both violin & hip hop together for some time, this couldnt be possible/ materialized withOUT my rapper bro, Shazzy!
Its indeed something new here, especially in the malaysian english market to start off, but hopefully, all goes well *pray for me & wish me luck k!*
My ultimate goal is to showcase the violin as a instrument of complete versatility=)

At the end of the day,since i do not have a whole strings group to record this, i had to do this all by myself. In recording terms, we call this Layers. meaning playing the particular line over and over again, and stack/ layering it up, thus producing a whole full strings ensemble sound, almost like a mini right? I guessed what i learned from this is, u have to be very consistence every time I play the line over and over again. The strokes, attitude, strength, pitch need to be p-u-r-f-e-c-t!=)

A Sneak Peak of Good Enough on its way....~

On the other hand, i was invited by Celebrity Fitness to do a charity performance tmr evening(Sat, 31st May 2008) in One Utama. Its in fact for International AIDS Memorial Day 2008. So erm, if u are nearby, do drop by..i would be performing two of my originals. Also, Dina from Malaysian Idol first season would be performing as well....Gotta shop for some red outfits tmr then..-_-""

Here are the details:

Malaysian AIDS Council
International AIDS Memorial Day 2008

“Never Give Up, Never Forget”

One Utama Shopping Centre, Main Entrance of New Wing

31st May 2008

7.30 pm – 9.30 pm

Okay, promoting another good buddy of mine, Zung frm He, Zung would be giving a talk/ exhibition in KLCC, Concourse. I would like to say again, he is probably one of the best wedding photographer in the region. Not to forget his pleasant personality which comes along with the appreciation and passion in the art he mastered. Zung would be sharing his photos & knowledge about weddings he shot internationally with a touch of extraordinary & modern photography style all over the 5 continents in the world frm Bali, San Fransisco, Italy, Tokyo, etc.

p/s: So whats the connection between him and me besides the weddings/ work we do and being good friends. Well, i have appointed him to shoot my album cover =)In fact, i always look forward to an event/ wedding we would meet cos sometimes the clients engaged us both for the same event..Therefore, its always good to be surrounded by ppl u feel comfortable working with.right?

Anyway, Here are the details:
VENUE: SURIA KLCC , concorse
date/time: 31may2008(saturday) 6pm-715pm
1jun2008 (sunday) 230pm-315pm preview~

Thank you

Peace- Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

Monday, May 26, 2008

Wedding Entertainment Workshop@ The Wedding Hub-

Dear fellow earthlingssss...

I was invited by Kris frm The Wedding Hub/ to give a talk and a workshop about wedding entertainment yest afternoon( Sunday) in the Wedding Hub located in ThreeTwo Square in section 13, PJ. I would say the entire thing was quite an experience both for me myself and the audiences attending the talk..Why is it an experience for me? ..well, cos most of the time, i just play my violin rather then giving speeches..haha.

Anyway, Accumulating my knowledge for the past two years of performing, organizing the band for weddings...we, Mosaic Music Entertainment not only provide the audiences with the more in depth information about how to go about selecting a band for weddings, or the kind of instruments combinations, repertories/ song choices, budgets, etc ...but also along with my good friends/ Music mates: Wilson on keys, Ben on sax, Shah on bass, Sudin on drums & singer Gina. We performed a few demos of what clients/ couples would expect in a wedding. In fact, it was a full 6 piece band...=)
Thank you to my band mates for kindly obliging to join me in this seminar! Thats what friends are for...=)

The turn out I would say was pretty encouraging, about 30 to 40 pax in total, including the vendors from Veralyne of Pretty N White, Mr.Lim of Vintage Cars, Kris & Louisa of That Special Occasion and many more......This taught/ gave me the confidence and experience to further improve my speeches in the future and be more informative as well. Despite talkin away for about a whole 1 and a half hour, i still feel now that there were a few points i left out which i should say. This i hope could be reached on my next seminar..*grins*

Finally, Gina Pinazales, my dear singer made it and sang two songs: Somewhere Over the Rainbow & Sunny, a more up tempo song..much to the applause of the audiences. Thanks Gina.=)

I would like to say a big thank you to all who attended and supported the workshop yest afternoon for making it a memorable one for me and yourself! I hope all were entertained by our short demos yest k *wink*

Honestly, nothing makes me more happy then seeing the Appreciation of music on the faces of my audiences!

p/s: for those who are planning their wedding: u definitely CANT miss out this place: Your One Stop Wedding Planning Center!

The Crowd=)

Isin't She Lovely~


p/s: Kindly be patient for the uploading of videos above. Thx.

Thank you

Peace- Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

Friday, May 23, 2008

My New Babeh....=)

Hey peeps,
im back in the studios again with Nick Lee/ my Mastering engineer...this time working on a new song and my new program software for programming: Introducing the Logic Pro 8...=)Logic enable you/ me to program ideas before recording in the studios much faster and easier. Anytime when i have an idea, rather then penning it down, i could just flip open it and start recording it..Well, having a logic doenst makes me that proud of a person yet, its just the first of the baby steps im taking to make my music better and nevertheless, starting a whole new journey into the technology world of music.
Thank you Nick for being so kind in introducing me this thing!=)

Its like photography back in the days and photography now, anyone could do it just with an SLR and photoshop...Well, it takes skill as well of cos, and the creativity and ideas behind each art/ skill that u are mastering.

Anyway, here are some pics of whats Logic Pro 8 is like. Well, of cos to those advanced musicians who see this, this is probably just a toy to them. But to me, having a new toy infuses me with the enthusiasm to experiment with it more and push me in achieving new boundaries..=)
Wish me luck ya!

My New Babeh~

Da Internal Organs/ Heartbeat of each Music/ song u hear on the radio~

Thank you

Peace- Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"IL DIVO" in UIA's 25th Anniversary Fund Raising Dinner~

It was indeed a night to remember and a great experience for US, performing not only for the Tuanku Sultan of Pahang but also performing in a different environment, in the University Islamic Antarabangsa Malaysia last night. More of a formal event, Me and the boys were all dressed up like "IL DIVO Malaysia Version" for the uni's 25th Anniversary Charity Fund Raising Dinner. *grins* haha

A big gratitude to Director Dr. Faridah for having the faith in us that we would be able to pull this off and that the music entertainment would run smoothly as planned. In fact, we were scheduled to perform more songs but were subjected to only five as the dinner ended early. One thing good about malay functions is that rather then having 9 courses of dinner like Chinese ppl, they have just One big plate with 5 compartments of different delicacies in it so it's much faster...

The ppl in the university treated us with much hospitality and even being an Islamic university with their strict rules, there were in fact non muslim among them. In fact i heard, our MP Fong Po Kuan is a graduate there. Definitely a recommendation for post graduate and graduate studies.=)

Anyway, here are some of the pics and videos taken. Enjoy!

Getaran Jiwa


da Royal Salam~

da Royal Giggles~haha

-IL DIVO Malaysia Version-

Hmm...talkin about shows, im working on a new song and hopefully would be back in the studios recording again...will keep u guys posted yeah!

Thank you

Peace- Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

Press Release for Motorola~

*grins* Just a short post..hehe
Special Thanks to Zul from Motorola for sharing this Press Release about my performance in Laundry last week..Hopefully i can get the video of the performance soon then i would upload it up too...cross fingers yeah!
So get your Motorola ROKR phone now k! Cool Phone + Cool Features=)

Would update tmr on my Sultan of Pahang's show last night in UIA...pretty interesting one though!=)

Till then,

Thank you

Peace- Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

Monday, May 19, 2008

Starving a dog as a form of Art?!!

I came across a blog which happen to show this video of this "Artist" Guillermo Vargas Habacuc who famously roped in a dog frm the street and let it to starve to death in his gallery. Nevertheless, It really gave me great pain when i was watchin this video. As a dog lover/ owner myself, i have a cute mongrel, Megan and have personally saved two dogs from the street before. Being a musician myself, who fancy art as well, i personally do NOT know what kind of art form is this....Or if u wanna put it in a noble way of this person, is this "Artist" highlighting the plight of these
strays so ppl would put more attention to it??

To my astonishment upon scrolling the other videos, this is NOT the only abused animal/ dog video on youtube, there are tonnes of them, some frm Malaysia as well...=(

Tell me you feel the pain too upon viewing the above video k.
If you do, kindly do your part and sign this petition:

Thank you

Peace- Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Motorola ROKR Music You Night Event, May 14th, 2008@ Laundry Bar has been a productive week for me so far, especially on wednesday and tmr's the weekend again!
As promoted, mentioned in my earlier post, i was looking forward to the Motorola event in which i would be showcasing some of my originals, and indeed it came true=) It was a blast, with the crowd, management and client being very supportive and patience for the soundcheck and all. In fact, it was a blessing in disguise that the soundcheck was late, and my opening act started at just the right time, about 915pm..rather then the earlier scheduled time at 745pm..way too early, way to early..haha

I'm very grateful to be able to meet several nice ppl/ musicians there, also met up with Zul from Motorola (Thanks bro for the gig) and Yvonne whom i see is probably the most patient ever event lady..Her face has only one expression and when she opens her mouth is like erm:"Dont worry,,,take your time.,, relax....."=) That seriously made my day alot more easier as the soundcheck was running late...

Also present was my new line up of musicians, previously known as "Tuxedo" which we play alot together with Billy the singer...I absolutely like the vibe playing with them, learning the different groove each time and the "kick" of these guys being able to bring Live RnB music to your ears is really something! As mentioned, my soul brother Jimmy Sax performed the Duet for Prelude in F minor for the last time as he is now in Shanghai saxing away already. That song is a song which brought both our friendship much tighter together, not only as fellow musicians, but also as good friends... With a sad note, i wish him the best and hopefully we could perform again together in the near future.

Billy kicked off the show first before i join him on Lionel Richie's "Hello" and then took away with " I Just Wanna"....There were several other fantastic bands as well from erm Kiri, Karen Nunis and the award winning Estranged which another music bro of mine, Ken Chung plays bass in..=)

So anyway, before signing of this post, i would just wanna say a BIG BIG thank you to all ppl present in the show@ Laundry on wednesday...friends, Organizers, Laundry, etc...thank you for making each moment when im performing on stage memorable!=)

Here are the pics,*Grins*

The New Motorola ROKR

Billy- Girls will drool upon his voice and yengness..haha

"Walk With You"

Soulbrother- Jimmy SAX

Me, Band & Music Lovers=)

Me & Wendie

Me & Michael Yip(Photographer friend who came late becos of erm....ehem.Marie Digby,Haha)

Me & Kit

Credits to Yvonne for sending me the link of the show's photographer to me.

Recommendation Score for ROKR presents Music You Night in Laundry Bar, 14th May, 2008: A Blast!

So erm...What's in store next month?*grins*.....would reveal more on my next post=)
*hint hint*..Kewei is in it!=)


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

KL Tower Wedding Fair 2008~

On the more business side.......
Heres an update for yest's KL Tower Wedding Fair which Mosaic Music Entertainment participated in. Its actually the first ever wedding fair that im involved. Many thanks to Kris from for inviting me to be a part of it....
So along, with my trustie Sound Engineer, Edwin, we spearheaded Mosaic downtown to KL Tower, at 930am to set up in preparation for the event to kick off at 11am.

There were a few participants, like Kidchan Studios, Ever After, Edmund Tham, Zach Chin, That Special Occasion, Antswork, etc....we together transformed KL Tower into an informative Hub of private vendors for potential couples.=)

Not expecting much as it was my first wedding fair, a few couples a.k.a potential clients did came up inquiring about our services and indeed i took the advantage of explaining to them how does Live music entertainment in an event works and stuffs.

Well, my bro Zung from in someway did participate in the event as well *wink* contributing pics of me and my band shot by him in previous weddings/ functions we did together. I am personally still mesmerized by his shots of capturing the moments in an event though.

I got to meet many nice vendors from the wedding fair. For chocos, probably one of the best chocos, it would be Chocolate Chapter Shop by K.C.Ch'ng. Nice pleasant guy to talk to. And Laura from Antswork who specializes in packaging, Debra from Justscan who is actually Mosaic Music Entertainment's flyer printer..hehe..
and of cos many more.=)

Well here are some shots of the fair. I hope we would be participating in more fair to come in the future. Its actually a good place to network around and be part of the Wedding industry=)
Anyway, i would be having a seminar/ talk in the Wedding Hub in Three 2 Square this 25th May, 2008,(Sunday) 2.30pm. So to those interested, do swing by...and get to know more about Live Music Entertainment, not only in weddings, but also in any other occasion/ event k...
Kindly log on to for more updates k and bookings..

Below are a few shots of the fair yest, enjoy ya!

My Humble Booth....everything is perfect except my laptop..gonna change to a Mac soon..Yeah!

Zung's Signature..*grins*

Da Response=)

Then later in the evening...jetted down to Sunway Resort Hotel for my client/ friend's wedding, Pei Kee...

Hm...i wonder would i ever get a bride myself next time whom so Beau- Ti- Ful?..

Anyway, expect more pics soon which i would upload then of her wedding.

Just got home from a full day, Had a rehearsal with the boys for my upcoming show in Laundry Bar, The Curve this coming wednesday, 14th May, here's a reminder again: Show Up for this Show down k!........would really appreciate your support yeah..*winks*
p/s: check my previous post for the details k, thx.

Recommendation Score for KL Tower Wedding Fair 2008: Confirmed participating next year if invited..haha
Recommendation Score for ROKR presents Music You Night in Laundry Bar this wed: Come & You will know!=) Hm.....i Just notice and wonder, why on earth is Marie Digby's showcase on the same day and time as me? what more next door in One Utama....well, the only thing i would say apart of her being an amazing singer/ songwriter herself, i would say if you are looking for a full band line up with drums, saxophone (Jimmy Sax's LAST GIG with me =(...), keyboards, bass, Guitar....come to Laundry yeah!=)


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

Friday, May 9, 2008

ROKR presents Music You Night@ Laundry Bar, The Curve. 14th May(Wed), 2008. 730pm!=)

Yoooo peeps..
Alright, as promised, here are some updates about my upcoming show next wed, 14th May in Laundry Bar, The Curve. Thank you to Zul from motorola and Yvonne from eventworks for inviting me to be part of this Motorola launch party! I foresee that it would be indeed be fun though i havent met the other artistes involved...

Also, just got the program rundown today..I would be the first to kick off the party/ dinner and the time would be 730pm( According to the program la). This time i would be accompanied by my other band, "Tuxedo" in which we are gonna rehearse on my monday for this gig. My band would probably perform the first couple of songs first with my bro, Billy the singer and then i would join them later..I would be performing most of my originals in which i have previously mentioned in my blog including Prelude in F minor, I Just Wanna and one more....( gotta come then u know *wink*)

My bro Jimmy sax would be also be part of it and to accompany me even though the next day he would be leaving for Shanghai for a contract job there for good so expect the Prelude in F minor....hopefully as good as before again!=) Thanks Jimmy!

So guys & girls,,,,,if you are in for some good fun swing over to Laundry Bar, The Curve next wednesday (14th May)for ROKR presents Music You Night!
See ya!!

p/s: Many thanks to Joanne from for advertising it on facebook!hugs

Recommendation Score for ROKR presents Music You Night: Yet to know, Come then you'll know *winks*


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pre-Mixing of "Walk With You" in ArkStudio

Alright, im finally back in the studios again with Co-Producer, Joe Loy working on my this particular Track which i recorded with Kewei in Singapore last week.... I would say this track is probably the most expensive and biggest production I ever funded by myself and also, with the most tracks in it, mind you..All live instrumentations and voices consisting of 2 Lead vocals, soprano sax, tenor sax, Electric guitar, keyboards, bass, drums, 3 backing vocals, and a 4 person Choir....Looking back in time, I actually started recording this song last December so hm,,,a Whole 6 months wait has come to an end!=) I am actually quite satisfy and happy with the end product...hope you guys too when is out....OHyea, thank you to the ppl for the criticisms and encouragements throughout this period of time on how to further improve my music.

Anyway, to cut long story short...the recording of this song is done and is now for post production and the mixing of it, balancing of the volume for each instruments/ voice, tuning of the voice and tone quality. I have learned much since December working with Joe, and he has been a great friend and co producer putting up with all my tantrums, and being very patient, not to forget advising me on how should my vocals be done on this track and teaching/ showing me the recording equipments and softwares used in the studio and the process of it....Thanks bro!=) Will continue to learn....
p/s: You fellow earthlings should come down here for a Studio Experience yo!=)

I have always been a very hands on person on the things that i do and I have always believe, if you wanna do something, do it right till the end or else dont start..So yest, both me and Joe spent sometime in the studio pre mixing the tracks and listening to what should be put in and what should not...
Then, the rest is up 2 Joe for the final mixing which would take about 2 rush!=)

The next thing up would be my upcoming gig in Laundry bar next wednesday, May 14th so for those who would like to catch me performing LIVE,,Original stuffs from my album which are not released yet, head down to Laundry Bar, the Curve next wednesday for a taste of Good Music along with other artistes like Kiri, Estranged and Karen Nunis Blackstone. I would upload the promotions on my next post k so pls do keep logged on k....

Anyway, here are some pics of my pre mixing session in ARKSTUDIO yest afternoon with Joe the man!=)

Joe Posing & doin his Thang!P/S:recognize the picture in my laptop? was actually story telling to Joe about my Singapore's experience..haha

Listening to the Pre Mix of "Walk With You"......anyone wanna listen??=)

Recommendation Score for ARKSTUDIO in TTDI: It Rawks!


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Proposal Dinner Party@ Sentosa Cove, Singapore 30th April, 2008

Back again in KL after two amazing yet fruitful days in Singapore once again, with Kewei & Tat Tong......stay tune for the DKT Invasion!=)*grins*

Anyway, Was over again in Singapore for the 2nd time in a week for a gig Kewei got me to play in. Well, the traveling was a little taxing and mum thought I was being abit crazy...however, it all paid off and im very happy to be there once again. love it!=) This gig was actually a Proposal Dinner Party or some sort like that where the Stud is suppose to present the ring to his all has been planned out. And not to forget, the theme is Pink & white...
I will let the pictures below justify how indeed lovely the couple is..wishing them the best of luck and hopefully, engaged us to perform for their wedding reception again!=)

Mah New Gadget/ Baby!* Grins* Thanks Edwin for your effort & time..
p/s: Edwin is my new Buddy/ sound engineer/ Entrusted assistant

Aint it Beau- Ti- Ful??=)


Kewei & Mua



Rejoice in the Lord.....

Kewei & Friends

Love is in the Air~

Job done!

Check this outt!!

Finally, a darn farnee pic i took earlier in the afternoon when i was shopping around for caps with Kewei....*wink*

Something is wrong eh?!=)

Alright peeps, gotta get back to work on my song now. Currently im learning a song Tat sent me this afternoon. One word, ****ing Cool!..For ya information, Kewei & I would be performing in Bangkok Jazz this end June..Probably on the 27th & 28th June. So kindly take note of it. Would keep you posted when its nearer k..Cant wait!=)

Recommendation Score for my 2nd trip down south: Fruitful....undoubtedly *grins*


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau