Monday, May 26, 2008

Wedding Entertainment Workshop@ The Wedding Hub-

Dear fellow earthlingssss...

I was invited by Kris frm The Wedding Hub/ to give a talk and a workshop about wedding entertainment yest afternoon( Sunday) in the Wedding Hub located in ThreeTwo Square in section 13, PJ. I would say the entire thing was quite an experience both for me myself and the audiences attending the talk..Why is it an experience for me? ..well, cos most of the time, i just play my violin rather then giving speeches..haha.

Anyway, Accumulating my knowledge for the past two years of performing, organizing the band for weddings...we, Mosaic Music Entertainment not only provide the audiences with the more in depth information about how to go about selecting a band for weddings, or the kind of instruments combinations, repertories/ song choices, budgets, etc ...but also along with my good friends/ Music mates: Wilson on keys, Ben on sax, Shah on bass, Sudin on drums & singer Gina. We performed a few demos of what clients/ couples would expect in a wedding. In fact, it was a full 6 piece band...=)
Thank you to my band mates for kindly obliging to join me in this seminar! Thats what friends are for...=)

The turn out I would say was pretty encouraging, about 30 to 40 pax in total, including the vendors from Veralyne of Pretty N White, Mr.Lim of Vintage Cars, Kris & Louisa of That Special Occasion and many more......This taught/ gave me the confidence and experience to further improve my speeches in the future and be more informative as well. Despite talkin away for about a whole 1 and a half hour, i still feel now that there were a few points i left out which i should say. This i hope could be reached on my next seminar..*grins*

Finally, Gina Pinazales, my dear singer made it and sang two songs: Somewhere Over the Rainbow & Sunny, a more up tempo song..much to the applause of the audiences. Thanks Gina.=)

I would like to say a big thank you to all who attended and supported the workshop yest afternoon for making it a memorable one for me and yourself! I hope all were entertained by our short demos yest k *wink*

Honestly, nothing makes me more happy then seeing the Appreciation of music on the faces of my audiences!

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The Crowd=)

Isin't She Lovely~


p/s: Kindly be patient for the uploading of videos above. Thx.

Thank you

Peace- Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

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Hsieh May said...

You were awesome :) Was entertained by you and your talented band of musicians (keyboardist is cute too). Was certainly glad I came. Keep me informed of any such future events.