Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"IL DIVO" in UIA's 25th Anniversary Fund Raising Dinner~

It was indeed a night to remember and a great experience for US, performing not only for the Tuanku Sultan of Pahang but also performing in a different environment, in the University Islamic Antarabangsa Malaysia last night. More of a formal event, Me and the boys were all dressed up like "IL DIVO Malaysia Version" for the uni's 25th Anniversary Charity Fund Raising Dinner. *grins* haha

A big gratitude to Director Dr. Faridah for having the faith in us that we would be able to pull this off and that the music entertainment would run smoothly as planned. In fact, we were scheduled to perform more songs but were subjected to only five as the dinner ended early. One thing good about malay functions is that rather then having 9 courses of dinner like Chinese ppl, they have just One big plate with 5 compartments of different delicacies in it so it's much faster...

The ppl in the university treated us with much hospitality and even being an Islamic university with their strict rules, there were in fact non muslim among them. In fact i heard, our MP Fong Po Kuan is a graduate there. Definitely a recommendation for post graduate and graduate studies.=)

Anyway, here are some of the pics and videos taken. Enjoy!

Getaran Jiwa


da Royal Salam~

da Royal Giggles~haha

-IL DIVO Malaysia Version-

Hmm...talkin about shows, im working on a new song and hopefully would be back in the studios recording again...will keep u guys posted yeah!

Thank you

Peace- Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

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Faridah said...

Hi Dennis,

Just to let you know I have pinched your blog and put it on mine for your fans at IIUM (who read my blog) Ha ha..sporting punya teacher kan?

Have you worked with Farid Ali before? Check him out if you have not.