Saturday, May 17, 2008

Motorola ROKR Music You Night Event, May 14th, 2008@ Laundry Bar has been a productive week for me so far, especially on wednesday and tmr's the weekend again!
As promoted, mentioned in my earlier post, i was looking forward to the Motorola event in which i would be showcasing some of my originals, and indeed it came true=) It was a blast, with the crowd, management and client being very supportive and patience for the soundcheck and all. In fact, it was a blessing in disguise that the soundcheck was late, and my opening act started at just the right time, about 915pm..rather then the earlier scheduled time at 745pm..way too early, way to early..haha

I'm very grateful to be able to meet several nice ppl/ musicians there, also met up with Zul from Motorola (Thanks bro for the gig) and Yvonne whom i see is probably the most patient ever event lady..Her face has only one expression and when she opens her mouth is like erm:"Dont worry,,,take your time.,, relax....."=) That seriously made my day alot more easier as the soundcheck was running late...

Also present was my new line up of musicians, previously known as "Tuxedo" which we play alot together with Billy the singer...I absolutely like the vibe playing with them, learning the different groove each time and the "kick" of these guys being able to bring Live RnB music to your ears is really something! As mentioned, my soul brother Jimmy Sax performed the Duet for Prelude in F minor for the last time as he is now in Shanghai saxing away already. That song is a song which brought both our friendship much tighter together, not only as fellow musicians, but also as good friends... With a sad note, i wish him the best and hopefully we could perform again together in the near future.

Billy kicked off the show first before i join him on Lionel Richie's "Hello" and then took away with " I Just Wanna"....There were several other fantastic bands as well from erm Kiri, Karen Nunis and the award winning Estranged which another music bro of mine, Ken Chung plays bass in..=)

So anyway, before signing of this post, i would just wanna say a BIG BIG thank you to all ppl present in the show@ Laundry on wednesday...friends, Organizers, Laundry, etc...thank you for making each moment when im performing on stage memorable!=)

Here are the pics,*Grins*

The New Motorola ROKR

Billy- Girls will drool upon his voice and yengness..haha

"Walk With You"

Soulbrother- Jimmy SAX

Me, Band & Music Lovers=)

Me & Wendie

Me & Michael Yip(Photographer friend who came late becos of erm....ehem.Marie Digby,Haha)

Me & Kit

Credits to Yvonne for sending me the link of the show's photographer to me.

Recommendation Score for ROKR presents Music You Night in Laundry Bar, 14th May, 2008: A Blast!

So erm...What's in store next month?*grins*.....would reveal more on my next post=)
*hint hint*..Kewei is in it!=)


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

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