Friday, May 30, 2008

Dennis La Orchestra~=P

Dear Peeps, if u have been reading my recording process for the past months or my older posts, i would be featuring local jazz singing sensation Atilia Haron & Rapper/ Producer Shazzy on one of the tracks im doing now: Good Enough!=)
Finally, the violin/ strings part has all be recorded today..Started the day as early as 11am. To give an idea to u guys whats it about, is actually a mix of violin and hip hop all together....*grins*.
Have u not hear something like that?
Well, i had this particular idea of blending both violin & hip hop together for some time, this couldnt be possible/ materialized withOUT my rapper bro, Shazzy!
Its indeed something new here, especially in the malaysian english market to start off, but hopefully, all goes well *pray for me & wish me luck k!*
My ultimate goal is to showcase the violin as a instrument of complete versatility=)

At the end of the day,since i do not have a whole strings group to record this, i had to do this all by myself. In recording terms, we call this Layers. meaning playing the particular line over and over again, and stack/ layering it up, thus producing a whole full strings ensemble sound, almost like a mini right? I guessed what i learned from this is, u have to be very consistence every time I play the line over and over again. The strokes, attitude, strength, pitch need to be p-u-r-f-e-c-t!=)

A Sneak Peak of Good Enough on its way....~

On the other hand, i was invited by Celebrity Fitness to do a charity performance tmr evening(Sat, 31st May 2008) in One Utama. Its in fact for International AIDS Memorial Day 2008. So erm, if u are nearby, do drop by..i would be performing two of my originals. Also, Dina from Malaysian Idol first season would be performing as well....Gotta shop for some red outfits tmr then..-_-""

Here are the details:

Malaysian AIDS Council
International AIDS Memorial Day 2008

“Never Give Up, Never Forget”

One Utama Shopping Centre, Main Entrance of New Wing

31st May 2008

7.30 pm – 9.30 pm

Okay, promoting another good buddy of mine, Zung frm He, Zung would be giving a talk/ exhibition in KLCC, Concourse. I would like to say again, he is probably one of the best wedding photographer in the region. Not to forget his pleasant personality which comes along with the appreciation and passion in the art he mastered. Zung would be sharing his photos & knowledge about weddings he shot internationally with a touch of extraordinary & modern photography style all over the 5 continents in the world frm Bali, San Fransisco, Italy, Tokyo, etc.

p/s: So whats the connection between him and me besides the weddings/ work we do and being good friends. Well, i have appointed him to shoot my album cover =)In fact, i always look forward to an event/ wedding we would meet cos sometimes the clients engaged us both for the same event..Therefore, its always good to be surrounded by ppl u feel comfortable working with.right?

Anyway, Here are the details:
VENUE: SURIA KLCC , concorse
date/time: 31may2008(saturday) 6pm-715pm
1jun2008 (sunday) 230pm-315pm preview~

Thank you

Peace- Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

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Ellyn said...

The Sneak Peak was great. I mean..the music! Keep up the good work.