Monday, April 28, 2008

A Blast in Singapore!

Hey peeps!
Sorry for the delayed of updates..didnt have the time nor internet access in the Lion City, haha.......But Im really glad to be back now!

-Recording of "Walk With You"@ Loop Station-(Thurs & Fri)

Anyway, i was in Singapore over the weekend from thursday to sunday for a recording stint on one of my tracks, "Walk with you" with the talented Kewei, and David Tan, Vocal Producer and arranger.....To be frank, i have absolutely the least experience recording vocal tracks as being an instrumentalist/ violinist myself, i had a great learning experience with working with some of the best in the industry itself.

The gruelling stint/ session with David, was absolutely no joke and it was great "Pressure", not only Pleasure to be working with him on this song......It was in fact a last minute decision for me to change this solo song to a duet. First reason is im already going down to Singapore in the first place to perform with Kewei, and second, Kewei's voice just strucked me and it was simply too irresistible to just miss out to make music with Thank you once again, Kewei!*hugs*

The Studio i recorded in is Loop Studios, owner/ producer/ engineer is Desmond You, this guys mean business( You will see some of the pics later). And when i say business, It's down to deep shit if One note, One syllabul, One tone is not in place....for me, the takes of recording were abit more......however, for Kewei and David, it was just 30 mins the most....we spent a total of 7 hours of studio time on fri to get all the vocal tracks recorded, not to forget the 2 hours on thursday for just rehearsal and practicing the parts...Nevertheless, i certainly was impressed by the recording at the end of the day!=)...*can't freaking wait till this song is out!*

-Jazz By The Beach@ Siloso Beach, Sentosa-(Sat Evening & Night)

As i have mentioned earlier, I'm here to do a gig with Kewei themed Jazz by the beach@ Siloso Beach, Sentosa..

I would say the concept of this was some how similar to Penang Jazz, just 10 times smaller the size by guranteed, Cool & Relaxing...=)It was a 6 piece band all together, and i have the pleasure to perform with a cool guitarist himself from Indonesia, Daniel Purnomo whos just freaking amazing.. I really like his style and i think hopefully, there would be more future opportunities working together. Kewei and I share the same passion: smooth jazz so we did a couple of arrangements of rock/ pop tunes to a more jazzy feel. All together, we played 3 sets of good music to great audiences..The videos would be up soon on my youtube so kindly pls be on the look out, would upload some on my blog soon later!

After Siloso, i headed down to jam with a stellar line up and probably few of the top musicians in Singapore, Mat Noor on drums/ percussions & Casey Subramaniam on bass, guitar and vocals, Both also from the David Tao and Leehom's entourage whom we worked once back 2 years ago...The vibe jamming with these cats were indeed out of this world, and i had absolutely great fun being able to share the stage with them. Pls pls look out for Casey's bass solos on youtube which i will post up later, cos if you dont, u probably miss out on one of the BIEST bassist in Singapore, or probably southeast asia! *wink*

I met also, a Columbian singer, Marcela Pinilla who sings with Casey and Mat Noor in Oosh Bar. So for whoever is IN Singapore, or is HEADING to Singapore...go visit Oosh k. I would update you guys later on where is Kewei singing, for now, i know shes singing in Harry's Bar in Holland Village every thursday night, so pls swing by there too!=) or you can log on to for her upcoming gigs, etc.

Finally, not to forget, a cool new friend whos a Producer/ Engineer/ Songwriter himself. First glance would be a perception of just a normal chap but We were in his car on fri after the recording heading for dinner, and when he switch on his songs on the player, it just practically blew my mind away!..Unexpected! There were 2 songs which caught me off guard..basically a hybrid of korean and black hip hop culture, Imagine Rain or Usher, and you get something like that! We would be definitely be working on a song which i would like to be a somewhat RnB/ Electronic kinda feel so this guy named Tat Tong/ Djay Honda is just too cool to be missed out!=)

Would be heading to Singapore yet again this wednesday for a show.......and a show later in the eveninng(today, monday) in Midvalley for Winnie Loo's A Cut Above hairshow.

Meantime, check out the pics below k!

Keyboards galore!

Getting into da Mood babeh~

Mean Cats!


Cool stuffs!

Its NOT pregnant & Its Not a female k!haha


They really BEH-TAHAN me edi.....

David Tan a.k.a Vocal Producer doing his thang!

Time for Cheekyness!

Finally is all cool!phew..

Next Morning~ over at Tat's place, after working on some lines and groove!=)
Look out for OUR collaboration soon k....

Er Hu & Violin Duet~

Kewei & Friends-

Kewei & Dennis

Doing the Reggae~

Violin Solo~

Elyna came to Support! clap clap*...Thanks for taking the pics & videos!

US again

Jamming with Casey, Mario, Marcela & Mat Noor!

Mat Noor, Dennis & Casey

Dennis & Casey

The O.C Singapore's cast: Wahlauwey Attitude cum Cool Look- Djay Tat Tong, Dennis Lau, Alfred(Kewei's bf) & Kewei!

One Tree Hill Singapore's cast: Our Smiles matches the Blue Skies- Happy!

More pics of Recording in Loop Station, Singapore on:

More pics of Jazz by the Beach@ Siloso Beach, Sentosa on:

Finally, would like to say a BIG BIG Thank you to those who make everything possible for me down south, really appreciate it! First and foremost Kewei, Tat Tong, Elyna, David Tan, Desmond, Alfred, Casey, Mat Noor, Marcela, Mario, Eric, etc....Hugs!=)

Reccomendation score for the entire trip: Fruitful *wink* & *grin*

Look out for more upcoming videos k on mah youtube...soon soon, dont pray pray ya!=)


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bangkok Jazz presents yet again- Atilia Sarani & The Jazz Mentalist!

Having to perform in Bangkok Jazz everytime is always an amazing and good experience. Not only because of the food there, but the vibe, acoustics, staffs, drinks, alchohol(winks*), management, crowd all together played an amazing part of making the nights of me and the rest of the musicians performing there memorable!=)

Anyway, yeap...Last weekend's gig was great. The first night(fri) was more of a jamming night for us as we have not actually really played together before. Not me, Ken & Martin but 3 of us with Uncle Richard and Atilia..but nevertheless, the crowd were pretty encouraging and excited on the first night though a couple of slips up. 3 Birthdays were celebrated on the day itself and i have never played 3 times birthday songs before in one night!-_-"............
However, second night was a blast though the crowd wasnt as many as the first. We played tighter and the song selection was more organized. I guess everyone were happy for having equal chance in soloing. I had a few future wedding couples/ clients who came to watch, some supportive friends, and a double bassist from the MPO..darn, cant freaking remember his name but i know he's frm Germany. Well, guess i gotta go to watch a concert in MPO sometime soon to get in touch again. Anyhow, thank you all for coming for making it a great night! and thanks for the drinks ya...

Talking about our band name, jazzmentalist, we dont actually play pure or somewhat some ppl may say hardcore jazz, instead its the couple of swing tunes, standards, covers which is probably our forte but with a twist of spontaneity into it! This is ultimately one of the essence in jazz music, putting aside the solos and stuffs, but is also the connection, interaction, communication between each musicians on stage while they are performing. I have learnt throughout the process by playing with the band, some pointers of how to project and to lay low at the right time as an instrumentalist myself.

Anyway, here are some pics taken by my good friend/ photographer enthusiast's Andrew who was very kind to lend his skills on the lens on the 2nd night! Thanks man=)
For more pics: you can kindly log on to

Atilia Sarani~

Dennis Lau~

Wonderful ppl~

Atilia Sarani, Ken Chung & Martin Ngim

Uncle Richard Hoon on the ivories~

Cherry, Elyna, Dennis & Martin~

Route 66~

Careless Whisper~

Like a Star~

A lil update, i would be heading to Singapore this thursday till sunday to record one of the songs for my album titled " Walk with You" which i think some of ya know that it involves vocal tracks and THANK GODD that i have the honored to do a duet with a singer friend of mine, Ke Wei whom i know during David Tao's last Love Can concert in KL which we worked together and she's based in Singapore.=) Also, i would be jamming with her in Jazz by the Beach in Siloso, Sentosa this saturday, April 26th! So for those who are from Singapore, or heading down,,,do swing by k!=)

Here's a video of Kewei from her youtube channel at, Shes the girl in Black on the left(wink*)

Let me know what you guys think alright!=)


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mosaic String Quartet in Andrew & Fiona's Wedding@ Cyberview Lodge

Alrighty, had an awesome gig last night in Bangkok Jazz again. This time was with Atilia Sarani & us( The Jazzmentalist), haha.....crowd was good but friday was better. In fact, friday was like a wedding jam band rather then a formal gig but we put together better yest( sat). Anyway, i would talk more about it in my next post=)

Last sat, the Mosaic String Quartet performed for a client of mine, Andrew & Fiona in Cyberview Lodge, was suppose to be at the poolside but due to the raining seasons nowdays, they have to put up inside the ballroom, which i myself thought would be much safer and better. Also, it was indeed great to meet and bump into a good friend of mine, Dr. Khoo Kien Ling who is a wedding planner as well and specializes in Destination weddings herself. Along with her camera, I brought her in to snap a few pics for her portfolio and also, hehe..i could use her camera to snap some pics of my string quartet when they play.

Talkin about photography, im indeed a fan of Zung's pics and have always admire his angles. Also, in every show i do, i would always have a personal photographer there at most times so i need not worry of not having any photographs of the event itself. Anyway, so having the opportunity to have my hands on a camera now, i decided to give it a try....for the First time!haha
Here are some of the pics i myself took:

Andrew & Fiona *muacks*

imitation of



me playin a few songs at the end~

Recommendation score for Cyberview Lodge: A+


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

Monday, April 14, 2008

Inspirational Quote 1:

Let me share this quote which i just came across like 30 seconds ago

"The results of passion will reward you in more ways than you ever could have expected"

by Donald Trump

The similarity of this quote is for me, I always apply the passion in my music regardless when im performing, composing, recording just to get my music across...If you wanna do it, give your all..other wise, better not start!=)


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

Rehearsing for Bangkok Jazz gig on April 18th & 19th!

*2 Nights Live*
18th & 19th April 2008 @ 10pm!

Location: Bangkok Jazz Thai Bistro, Lot B1 & B1-A, Chulan Square, 92 Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 KL

FREE ADMISSION!! Limited Space so best be early and on time!

For reservations, please call 03-21458708.

Vocals: Atilia Sarani
Electric Violinist: Dennis Lau
Piano: Richard Hoon
Bass: Ken Chung
Drums: Martin Ngim

had a rehearsal this evening for this coming fri and sat( April 18th & 19th) gig in Bangkok Jazz, Chulan Square, KL...its titled Atilia Sarani & the Jazz Mentalist!
Not that jazzy anyway but we are gonna do some covers....familiar covers and some new covers as well, of cos with our arrangmeents!..So, if you could, kindly pls swing down to Bangkok Jazz this weekend k..
For those who are on mah facebook, i have already sent out invites, so just click on Attending if you are alright=)

Here are some snap shots of our rehearsals this evening..I am actually excited to gig with Uncle Richard Hoon who is well experience and amazing in jazzz!! He has done lot's of recordings, concerts, shows, event throughout his 30 years of involvement in the industry. So i hope all would turn out well this weekend!haha

Uncle Richard at his best!

Atilia Sarani at her best though having a sorethroat!

da Talented Ken Chung on Groove!

Martin Ngim on drums!


Recommendation score for Atilia Sarani & Jazz Mentalist: You decide this week alright?


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

Saturday, April 12, 2008

2 Days Old^

Lee Ling says:
northern style hokkien sounds nicer

Lee Ling says:
agree not?

Dennis Lau- or says:

Dennis Lau- or says:
like singing

Lee Ling says:

Lee Ling says:
reminds me of the song

Lee Ling says:
ai pia chia eh ia

Lee Ling says:
u know tat song??

Lee Ling says:

Dennis Lau- or says:

Dennis Lau- or says:

Dennis Lau- or says:

Dennis Lau- or says:
our similarities stops here

Dennis Lau- or says:
not too sure babe

Dennis Lau- or says:

Lee Ling says:

Lee Ling says:
wat kind of hokkien lang r u

Lee Ling says:
dunno tat song

Lee Ling says:
the song goes like

Dennis Lau- or says:
maybe u can sing to me?

Dennis Lau- or says:

Lee Ling says:

Lee Ling says:
uu si kii....

Lee Ling says:
then i forgot d

Lee Ling says:

Lee Ling says:
i know chorus

Dennis Lau- or says:

Dennis Lau- or says:
u record your voice clip

Lee Ling says:
ai pia ahhh jia eh iaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Dennis Lau- or says:
and send to me

Lee Ling says:
no need


Thats part of a conversation with my 2 day old friendship with a Client/ new found friend, Lee Ling frm Wales. Its amazing how fast we click=)..Anyway, Her wedding would be sometime in September 1- 20th in Penang. Hopefully Mosaic would be able to perform for her then......That is if she manage to secure a venue first la!=)haha...

p/s: Would be back in the studios for recording next week again , then, i would talk more about my music......ohyea, i just complete writing a song this evening. Quite excited about it though, hopefully i dont change the melody again and again in Which i always do it...It is kinda like a ballad with some jazz elements in it , this time specially composed for a singer whom im composing this song for. Wish me luck!=)


Peace: Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

Trump is Big yet small...=)

This is my latest investment, Donald Trump's "How To Get Rich". I got this small pocket book off the shelf(Only RM33.90) in MPH, Subang Parade after my work out this evening. Well, though Music is my life..i have always been interested in business since starting out Mosaic Music really just NOT about money making, but being able to provide clients/ Wedding couples/ event companies, etc Quality and professional services yet at a compatible and reasonable price. Not only that, the live music entertainment together with the performers and musicians being able to blend and fit into the theme of the event creating an unforgettable ambiance thus clients would feel their every penny's worth.=)

Donald Trump has been someone i admired since the first season of The Apprentice shown on tv..Building an empire and transforming New York city landscape with his skyscrapers is no doubt impressive. Of cos he was able to do so partly because of his dad, who's a property tycoon as well!

It has been a while since i read a book......unless is something interesting like magazines. So let's see would i Talk about it again...or
maybe not?

Recommendation score for "Trump- How to Get Rich": Unknown



Peace: Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Katie Leslie Rawks!!

I was just browsing through my friend's Natasha website and this song just particularly struck my ears!......After some thorough investigation, i tell myself i gotta have this sweet song to sooth YOUR ears when you log into my blog..haha, Also my own ears as well! Therefore, here's a special dedication to all: These Hours by Katie Leslie...enjoy!=)(If you switch on speakers, you are probably listening to it this very moment already!)

p/s: kinda remind me of the song Bubbly by Colbie Cailat, what do you think?

Recommendation score for Katie Leslie: A


Peace: Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Prison Break Marathon

I shall take a break from music and talk about tv shows.....

I seldom watch tv series, not even Hong Kong TVB because i think the Hong Kong drama series are just simply getting more and more fake! Sorry, no offense to drama series lovers k...
But anyway, .. i wanna highly recommend a series i have been following for 3 seasons already- Prison Break ( ALL 3 SEASONS!) Because of season 3, i was experiencing sleep deprivation for the past 2 nights -_-" .Finally its all over!=) You simply cant stop yourself from watching the next episode after one cos the plot just basically leaves u hanging. Way much highly anticipated then LOST, Heroes, and many more. ...Thumbs up to the cast, script writers, director and all who is involved! There is basically an andreline rush every minute example: what they gonna do? what's gonna happen next? are they gonna fail getting out?, etc...

The series obviously and basically evolved a group of prisoners who were trying to escape for the sake of freedom,( well, not only that but for some other reasons as well) and Michael Scoldfield, the mastermind a.k.a brainer of this plan is just simply too smart to believe.. and they would do ANYTHING to get out from there. im not gonna spill the beans, so it would be much recommended to watch it yourself! Start with Season 1 first and i guarantee ya its addictive.........=P

Reccomendation score for Prison Break Season 1, 2 & 3: A+++


Peace: Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sneak Peak~


for those who did not manage to catch Wave Alchemist, here are two videos of a song i mentioned earlier in the blog which I composed and recorded for the album, Prelude in F minor. What you guys about to hear in the videos is still NOT the final version of the song. I would wanna improve further on it. Therefore, i would need some help from Composer/ arranger/ music director Goh Keng Long from Singapore for some orchestral strings arrangements for the backing then the strings recording in Shanghai in May. We worked together back in 2006 in the David Tao "Love Can" concert tour in Bukit Jalil and he was the Music Director and arranger for that as well as for Lee Hom in his Heroes of the Earth world tour.

This song was specially written for a Saxophone & Violin duet as i have long time wanna showcase the strengths of instrumental music especially lead/ melodic instruments. Also because, i love the saxophone and especially Jimmy's playing. Right here, i dont think i could ever have someone else who has the same soul, tone, breathe injected to this song. Thanks Jimmy..=)

Would appreciate some feedbacks in my new "Let's Gossip" section...hehe----->

Recommendation score for Prelude in F minor: You decide in my "Let's Gossip" box k!=)


Peace: Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sessioning & Recording

Oooh..after a fantastic weekend.

Im back in the studio again last night and earlier this morning with APU ( Asean Percussion Unit) and my own album recording......
I recorded a twelve bar solo for APU. Its actually a song for some ASTRO event on the 18th & 19th April..but however, i would be playing in Bangkok Jazz, Chulan Square, KL with Atilia Sarani this time. Is her gig this time and i would be part of the musician line up this time..Anyway, we recorded in Studio 21 by Peter Chong. As a newbie in this, i have no idea who is he but came to know he is quite a veteran in the scene, recorded for Ning, Siti, and Jackie Cheung eh! APU consist of few of the most incredible veteran musicians in the region. Met up with Jerry Ventura. This guy could play the sax, flute, percussions, bassist, and duno what else more, Thomas Theseira the sax man, Robert, talented Sanjeev who plays violins, keyboards, percussions, Justin, and of cos the leader Edwin who invited me for this session. Thanks Edwin!

On another note, this morning i had my recording on the song Nuclear Powered Rice Cooker by Wave Alchemist's finger maestro, Tay Cher Siang..we did the horn parts with Jimmy's soprano and tenor sax. The sound at the end was amazing though it kinda started out a lil bit wobbly. U know im kinda enjoying the role of producing this whole thing, listening to the different tone of da instrument and together with Joe, the engineers/ co producer brainstorming ideas and suggestions...I could sit down for hours in the studios just doing that!!

Check out some pics yo of the difference of studio. APU's recording in Studio 21, Puchong & Wave Alchemist's recording in ARKSTUDIOS, TTDI.

Recommendation score for Studio 21: A+
Reccomendation score for ARKSTUDIOS: A++ =P

Studio 21 and me sessioning for APU

The amazing/ quadruple talented Jerry Ventura!

This morning in ARKSTUDIOS =P


Peace: Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau