Tuesday, April 1, 2008

2 Nights 2 Remember!~

Thank you all for coming..Theres so so many ppl to thank for making this whole event possible, Elyna Tan from Bangkok Jazz, Uncle Paul from Penang Jazz, Joyce Emuang, Atilia Haron's entourage, fellow musicians, Celebrity Fitness Body Combat clans, Edwin the sound guy, Sir Paul Friend, Sherleen & z1, Liyana & Illy, New friends, old buddies, fellow students, etc...and the list goes on, you know who you are!....and NOT TO FORGET, the band Wave Alchemist: Cher Siang, Martin Ngim, Jimmy Sax, Ken Chung, Billy Ho & MY MAMA, Clair Rozells!!

The 2 nights in Bangkok Jazz was truly an event memorable for me, probably the best gig i have ever done in my entire life cos i believe what we played on those 2 nights were really from the heart and soul..also on these 2 nights, it was my singing debut one song i wrote lately title " Walk with ya". I Purposely arrange to put the singing song the LASTT song incase it turns out to be a tomato splashed at the end. Ohyea,we've got singing sensation Noryn Aziz on the 2nd night jamming with us as well. She's so nicee and awesome!! Thanks dear

This show has indeed gave me the platform to let ppl know what's Wave Alchemist is about and about the album project im working on towards perfection and a totally new sound..also, it has gave me the confidence and inspirations to create and write more music....words just can't describe the feeling of having a full house of audiences and friends, what more for the First time showcasing our original compostions... thanks again=)

Alright, i shall let these pics justified these 2 Incredible nights ya!

More pics on my facebook. Thank you Norashikin for the pics: Creditorials to professional photographer Halimi Saidi for his amazing angles and shots=)

Recommendation Score for Norashikin & Halimi Saidi's shots: A+A= A++
Recommendaiton Score for Wave Alchemist: Beyond Words =P


Peace: Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau


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