Saturday, April 12, 2008

Trump is Big yet small...=)

This is my latest investment, Donald Trump's "How To Get Rich". I got this small pocket book off the shelf(Only RM33.90) in MPH, Subang Parade after my work out this evening. Well, though Music is my life..i have always been interested in business since starting out Mosaic Music really just NOT about money making, but being able to provide clients/ Wedding couples/ event companies, etc Quality and professional services yet at a compatible and reasonable price. Not only that, the live music entertainment together with the performers and musicians being able to blend and fit into the theme of the event creating an unforgettable ambiance thus clients would feel their every penny's worth.=)

Donald Trump has been someone i admired since the first season of The Apprentice shown on tv..Building an empire and transforming New York city landscape with his skyscrapers is no doubt impressive. Of cos he was able to do so partly because of his dad, who's a property tycoon as well!

It has been a while since i read a book......unless is something interesting like magazines. So let's see would i Talk about it again...or
maybe not?

Recommendation score for "Trump- How to Get Rich": Unknown



Peace: Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

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