Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Prison Break Marathon

I shall take a break from music and talk about tv shows.....

I seldom watch tv series, not even Hong Kong TVB because i think the Hong Kong drama series are just simply getting more and more fake! Sorry, no offense to drama series lovers k...
But anyway, .. i wanna highly recommend a series i have been following for 3 seasons already- Prison Break ( ALL 3 SEASONS!) Because of season 3, i was experiencing sleep deprivation for the past 2 nights -_-" .Finally its all over!=) You simply cant stop yourself from watching the next episode after one cos the plot just basically leaves u hanging. Way much highly anticipated then LOST, Heroes, and many more. ...Thumbs up to the cast, script writers, director and all who is involved! There is basically an andreline rush every minute example: what they gonna do? what's gonna happen next? are they gonna fail getting out?, etc...

The series obviously and basically evolved a group of prisoners who were trying to escape for the sake of freedom,( well, not only that but for some other reasons as well) and Michael Scoldfield, the mastermind a.k.a brainer of this plan is just simply too smart to believe.. and they would do ANYTHING to get out from there. im not gonna spill the beans, so it would be much recommended to watch it yourself! Start with Season 1 first and i guarantee ya its addictive.........=P

Reccomendation score for Prison Break Season 1, 2 & 3: A+++


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Dennis Lau

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