Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mosaic String Quartet in Andrew & Fiona's Wedding@ Cyberview Lodge

Alrighty, had an awesome gig last night in Bangkok Jazz again. This time was with Atilia Sarani & us( The Jazzmentalist), haha.....crowd was good but friday was better. In fact, friday was like a wedding jam band rather then a formal gig but we put together better yest( sat). Anyway, i would talk more about it in my next post=)

Last sat, the Mosaic String Quartet performed for a client of mine, Andrew & Fiona in Cyberview Lodge, was suppose to be at the poolside but due to the raining seasons nowdays, they have to put up inside the ballroom, which i myself thought would be much safer and better. Also, it was indeed great to meet and bump into a good friend of mine, Dr. Khoo Kien Ling who is a wedding planner as well and specializes in Destination weddings herself. Along with her camera, I brought her in to snap a few pics for her portfolio and also, hehe..i could use her camera to snap some pics of my string quartet when they play.

Talkin about photography, im indeed a fan of Zung's pics and have always admire his angles. Also, in every show i do, i would always have a personal photographer there at most times so i need not worry of not having any photographs of the event itself. Anyway, so having the opportunity to have my hands on a camera now, i decided to give it a try....for the First time!haha
Here are some of the pics i myself took:

Andrew & Fiona *muacks*

imitation of



me playin a few songs at the end~

Recommendation score for Cyberview Lodge: A+


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

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