Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bangkok Jazz presents yet again- Atilia Sarani & The Jazz Mentalist!

Having to perform in Bangkok Jazz everytime is always an amazing and good experience. Not only because of the food there, but the vibe, acoustics, staffs, drinks, alchohol(winks*), management, crowd all together played an amazing part of making the nights of me and the rest of the musicians performing there memorable!=)

Anyway, yeap...Last weekend's gig was great. The first night(fri) was more of a jamming night for us as we have not actually really played together before. Not me, Ken & Martin but 3 of us with Uncle Richard and Atilia..but nevertheless, the crowd were pretty encouraging and excited on the first night though a couple of slips up. 3 Birthdays were celebrated on the day itself and i have never played 3 times birthday songs before in one night!-_-"............
However, second night was a blast though the crowd wasnt as many as the first. We played tighter and the song selection was more organized. I guess everyone were happy for having equal chance in soloing. I had a few future wedding couples/ clients who came to watch, some supportive friends, and a double bassist from the MPO..darn, cant freaking remember his name but i know he's frm Germany. Well, guess i gotta go to watch a concert in MPO sometime soon to get in touch again. Anyhow, thank you all for coming for making it a great night! and thanks for the drinks ya...

Talking about our band name, jazzmentalist, we dont actually play pure or somewhat some ppl may say hardcore jazz, instead its the couple of swing tunes, standards, covers which is probably our forte but with a twist of spontaneity into it! This is ultimately one of the essence in jazz music, putting aside the solos and stuffs, but is also the connection, interaction, communication between each musicians on stage while they are performing. I have learnt throughout the process by playing with the band, some pointers of how to project and to lay low at the right time as an instrumentalist myself.

Anyway, here are some pics taken by my good friend/ photographer enthusiast's Andrew who was very kind to lend his skills on the lens on the 2nd night! Thanks man=)
For more pics: you can kindly log on to http://picasaweb.google.com/Alst86/20080419_BangkokJazz

Atilia Sarani~

Dennis Lau~

Wonderful ppl~

Atilia Sarani, Ken Chung & Martin Ngim

Uncle Richard Hoon on the ivories~

Cherry, Elyna, Dennis & Martin~

Route 66~

Careless Whisper~

Like a Star~

A lil update, i would be heading to Singapore this thursday till sunday to record one of the songs for my album titled " Walk with You" which i think some of ya know that it involves vocal tracks and THANK GODD that i have the honored to do a duet with a singer friend of mine, Ke Wei whom i know during David Tao's last Love Can concert in KL which we worked together and she's based in Singapore.=) Also, i would be jamming with her in Jazz by the Beach in Siloso, Sentosa this saturday, April 26th! So for those who are from Singapore, or heading down,,,do swing by k!=)

Here's a video of Kewei from her youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/kiwitay, Shes the girl in Black on the left(wink*)

Let me know what you guys think alright!=)


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau


ebo said...

like very grand eh.. cool performance..*clap clap*

Nenos said...

See Please Here

christine said...

Not too shabby at all! considering this is a non-studio production :D Ganbatte, Dennis... you and your friends are really talented!