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A Blast in Singapore!

Hey peeps!
Sorry for the delayed of updates..didnt have the time nor internet access in the Lion City, haha.......But Im really glad to be back now!

-Recording of "Walk With You"@ Loop Station-(Thurs & Fri)

Anyway, i was in Singapore over the weekend from thursday to sunday for a recording stint on one of my tracks, "Walk with you" with the talented Kewei, and David Tan, Vocal Producer and arranger.....To be frank, i have absolutely the least experience recording vocal tracks as being an instrumentalist/ violinist myself, i had a great learning experience with working with some of the best in the industry itself.

The gruelling stint/ session with David, was absolutely no joke and it was great "Pressure", not only Pleasure to be working with him on this song......It was in fact a last minute decision for me to change this solo song to a duet. First reason is im already going down to Singapore in the first place to perform with Kewei, and second, Kewei's voice just strucked me and it was simply too irresistible to just miss out to make music with Thank you once again, Kewei!*hugs*

The Studio i recorded in is Loop Studios, owner/ producer/ engineer is Desmond You, this guys mean business( You will see some of the pics later). And when i say business, It's down to deep shit if One note, One syllabul, One tone is not in place....for me, the takes of recording were abit more......however, for Kewei and David, it was just 30 mins the most....we spent a total of 7 hours of studio time on fri to get all the vocal tracks recorded, not to forget the 2 hours on thursday for just rehearsal and practicing the parts...Nevertheless, i certainly was impressed by the recording at the end of the day!=)...*can't freaking wait till this song is out!*

-Jazz By The Beach@ Siloso Beach, Sentosa-(Sat Evening & Night)

As i have mentioned earlier, I'm here to do a gig with Kewei themed Jazz by the beach@ Siloso Beach, Sentosa..

I would say the concept of this was some how similar to Penang Jazz, just 10 times smaller the size by guranteed, Cool & Relaxing...=)It was a 6 piece band all together, and i have the pleasure to perform with a cool guitarist himself from Indonesia, Daniel Purnomo whos just freaking amazing.. I really like his style and i think hopefully, there would be more future opportunities working together. Kewei and I share the same passion: smooth jazz so we did a couple of arrangements of rock/ pop tunes to a more jazzy feel. All together, we played 3 sets of good music to great audiences..The videos would be up soon on my youtube so kindly pls be on the look out, would upload some on my blog soon later!

After Siloso, i headed down to jam with a stellar line up and probably few of the top musicians in Singapore, Mat Noor on drums/ percussions & Casey Subramaniam on bass, guitar and vocals, Both also from the David Tao and Leehom's entourage whom we worked once back 2 years ago...The vibe jamming with these cats were indeed out of this world, and i had absolutely great fun being able to share the stage with them. Pls pls look out for Casey's bass solos on youtube which i will post up later, cos if you dont, u probably miss out on one of the BIEST bassist in Singapore, or probably southeast asia! *wink*

I met also, a Columbian singer, Marcela Pinilla who sings with Casey and Mat Noor in Oosh Bar. So for whoever is IN Singapore, or is HEADING to Singapore...go visit Oosh k. I would update you guys later on where is Kewei singing, for now, i know shes singing in Harry's Bar in Holland Village every thursday night, so pls swing by there too!=) or you can log on to for her upcoming gigs, etc.

Finally, not to forget, a cool new friend whos a Producer/ Engineer/ Songwriter himself. First glance would be a perception of just a normal chap but We were in his car on fri after the recording heading for dinner, and when he switch on his songs on the player, it just practically blew my mind away!..Unexpected! There were 2 songs which caught me off guard..basically a hybrid of korean and black hip hop culture, Imagine Rain or Usher, and you get something like that! We would be definitely be working on a song which i would like to be a somewhat RnB/ Electronic kinda feel so this guy named Tat Tong/ Djay Honda is just too cool to be missed out!=)

Would be heading to Singapore yet again this wednesday for a show.......and a show later in the eveninng(today, monday) in Midvalley for Winnie Loo's A Cut Above hairshow.

Meantime, check out the pics below k!

Keyboards galore!

Getting into da Mood babeh~

Mean Cats!


Cool stuffs!

Its NOT pregnant & Its Not a female k!haha


They really BEH-TAHAN me edi.....

David Tan a.k.a Vocal Producer doing his thang!

Time for Cheekyness!

Finally is all cool!phew..

Next Morning~ over at Tat's place, after working on some lines and groove!=)
Look out for OUR collaboration soon k....

Er Hu & Violin Duet~

Kewei & Friends-

Kewei & Dennis

Doing the Reggae~

Violin Solo~

Elyna came to Support! clap clap*...Thanks for taking the pics & videos!

US again

Jamming with Casey, Mario, Marcela & Mat Noor!

Mat Noor, Dennis & Casey

Dennis & Casey

The O.C Singapore's cast: Wahlauwey Attitude cum Cool Look- Djay Tat Tong, Dennis Lau, Alfred(Kewei's bf) & Kewei!

One Tree Hill Singapore's cast: Our Smiles matches the Blue Skies- Happy!

More pics of Recording in Loop Station, Singapore on:

More pics of Jazz by the Beach@ Siloso Beach, Sentosa on:

Finally, would like to say a BIG BIG Thank you to those who make everything possible for me down south, really appreciate it! First and foremost Kewei, Tat Tong, Elyna, David Tan, Desmond, Alfred, Casey, Mat Noor, Marcela, Mario, Eric, etc....Hugs!=)

Reccomendation score for the entire trip: Fruitful *wink* & *grin*

Look out for more upcoming videos k on mah youtube...soon soon, dont pray pray ya!=)


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

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