Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sessioning & Recording

Oooh..after a fantastic weekend.

Im back in the studio again last night and earlier this morning with APU ( Asean Percussion Unit) and my own album recording......
I recorded a twelve bar solo for APU. Its actually a song for some ASTRO event on the 18th & 19th April..but however, i would be playing in Bangkok Jazz, Chulan Square, KL with Atilia Sarani this time. Is her gig this time and i would be part of the musician line up this time..Anyway, we recorded in Studio 21 by Peter Chong. As a newbie in this, i have no idea who is he but came to know he is quite a veteran in the scene, recorded for Ning, Siti, and Jackie Cheung eh! APU consist of few of the most incredible veteran musicians in the region. Met up with Jerry Ventura. This guy could play the sax, flute, percussions, bassist, and duno what else more, Thomas Theseira the sax man, Robert, talented Sanjeev who plays violins, keyboards, percussions, Justin, and of cos the leader Edwin who invited me for this session. Thanks Edwin!

On another note, this morning i had my recording on the song Nuclear Powered Rice Cooker by Wave Alchemist's finger maestro, Tay Cher Siang..we did the horn parts with Jimmy's soprano and tenor sax. The sound at the end was amazing though it kinda started out a lil bit wobbly. U know im kinda enjoying the role of producing this whole thing, listening to the different tone of da instrument and together with Joe, the engineers/ co producer brainstorming ideas and suggestions...I could sit down for hours in the studios just doing that!!

Check out some pics yo of the difference of studio. APU's recording in Studio 21, Puchong & Wave Alchemist's recording in ARKSTUDIOS, TTDI.

Recommendation score for Studio 21: A+
Reccomendation score for ARKSTUDIOS: A++ =P

Studio 21 and me sessioning for APU

The amazing/ quadruple talented Jerry Ventura!

This morning in ARKSTUDIOS =P


Peace: Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau