Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Reflection Born =)

Fresh from the Oven in Arkstudios, TTDI this afternoon at 3pm, "REFLECTION" was Conceived.=)
I had a truly remarkable and memorable experience having the best of the circle in working on this Live project intensively for 2 weeks in the studio and it does brings back memories and at the same time, creating refreshing ones as well. For each of you involved: Lewis, Jamie, Wilson, Shah, Nick, Jimmy, your every effort is very much appreciated.

I have not thought of HOW should I market Reflection because its something that came from the heart at That moment and into the keys of the Piano in my home studio sometime in late April, then into the IDEAS in my head and the late night sessions with my co producer, Shah Bass resulting into creating, learning, amalgamating and experiencing the different individual talents, vibe Felt in the recording studio. The Magic touches in Reflection are personally to me just Indescribable, Priceless to be said. To sum it up, it was Inspired by a person, and what i hope is for that Someone to feel the Sincerity in this song (You know you were the First to have it). Of course, in due time, the listeners & audience too.=)

Jimmy and his Sax=)

Wilson on the Ivories....

The Mixing Console & Nick, My Mixing & Mastering Engineer.



God Bless!

Dennis Lau