Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pre-Mixing of "Walk With You" in ArkStudio

Alright, im finally back in the studios again with Co-Producer, Joe Loy working on my this particular Track which i recorded with Kewei in Singapore last week.... I would say this track is probably the most expensive and biggest production I ever funded by myself and also, with the most tracks in it, mind you..All live instrumentations and voices consisting of 2 Lead vocals, soprano sax, tenor sax, Electric guitar, keyboards, bass, drums, 3 backing vocals, and a 4 person Choir....Looking back in time, I actually started recording this song last December so hm,,,a Whole 6 months wait has come to an end!=) I am actually quite satisfy and happy with the end product...hope you guys too when is out....OHyea, thank you to the ppl for the criticisms and encouragements throughout this period of time on how to further improve my music.

Anyway, to cut long story short...the recording of this song is done and is now for post production and the mixing of it, balancing of the volume for each instruments/ voice, tuning of the voice and tone quality. I have learned much since December working with Joe, and he has been a great friend and co producer putting up with all my tantrums, and being very patient, not to forget advising me on how should my vocals be done on this track and teaching/ showing me the recording equipments and softwares used in the studio and the process of it....Thanks bro!=) Will continue to learn....
p/s: You fellow earthlings should come down here for a Studio Experience yo!=)

I have always been a very hands on person on the things that i do and I have always believe, if you wanna do something, do it right till the end or else dont start..So yest, both me and Joe spent sometime in the studio pre mixing the tracks and listening to what should be put in and what should not...
Then, the rest is up 2 Joe for the final mixing which would take about 2 weeks..no rush!=)

The next thing up would be my upcoming gig in Laundry bar next wednesday, May 14th so for those who would like to catch me performing LIVE,,Original stuffs from my album which are not released yet, head down to Laundry Bar, the Curve next wednesday for a taste of Good Music along with other artistes like Kiri, Estranged and Karen Nunis Blackstone. I would upload the promotions on my next post k so pls do keep logged on k....

Anyway, here are some pics of my pre mixing session in ARKSTUDIO yest afternoon with Joe the man!=)

Joe Posing & doin his Thang!P/S:recognize the picture in my laptop? was actually story telling to Joe about my Singapore's experience..haha

Listening to the Pre Mix of "Walk With You"......anyone wanna listen??=)

Recommendation Score for ARKSTUDIO in TTDI: It Rawks!


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

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