Friday, May 23, 2008

My New Babeh....=)

Hey peeps,
im back in the studios again with Nick Lee/ my Mastering engineer...this time working on a new song and my new program software for programming: Introducing the Logic Pro 8...=)Logic enable you/ me to program ideas before recording in the studios much faster and easier. Anytime when i have an idea, rather then penning it down, i could just flip open it and start recording it..Well, having a logic doenst makes me that proud of a person yet, its just the first of the baby steps im taking to make my music better and nevertheless, starting a whole new journey into the technology world of music.
Thank you Nick for being so kind in introducing me this thing!=)

Its like photography back in the days and photography now, anyone could do it just with an SLR and photoshop...Well, it takes skill as well of cos, and the creativity and ideas behind each art/ skill that u are mastering.

Anyway, here are some pics of whats Logic Pro 8 is like. Well, of cos to those advanced musicians who see this, this is probably just a toy to them. But to me, having a new toy infuses me with the enthusiasm to experiment with it more and push me in achieving new boundaries..=)
Wish me luck ya!

My New Babeh~

Da Internal Organs/ Heartbeat of each Music/ song u hear on the radio~

Thank you

Peace- Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

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waterlily said...

your new babeh very hot leh! Drool. damn cool lor