Friday, August 29, 2008

"You Gotta Know"- The Making 1

"You Gotta know" that im currently working on a new track and to my amazement, i actually came out with the title before starting recording or composing the track!haha..well, normally for my other songs, i cant even think of the title even after i record it sometimes, because the focus is more on the melody itself...
Anyway, yea..the title is "You Gotta Know"...

For those who are wondering where's my other charity song "Kindness"..well, dont worry, im still in the process of recording it and it would probably the last song i would put my focus on since now, most of my time is spend composing more new tracks, performing, and also in discussion for the music video/ short film i hope to shoot sometime late this year, and of cos in New York too!

Since the burden has lessen on my shoulders tremendously with my new PA/ Right Hand Lady of Mosaic Music Entertainment, i could now focus on the marketing and the making of my music. Going back to the studios recently was just a breathe of fresh air for me, Love it!=) You know why? cos in the studio,, aint no musician need to dress up! I sometimes just wake up, and put my glasses on and just go in the one caress..=)

*break*- this is Adrienne, my lovely PA/ Side kick of Mosaic Music Entertainment-

*okay back*
Today, it was indeed a pleasure to meet up Yuri, a producer/ guitarist of The Factory Music Studio in Mont Kiara, who is a good friend of mine and i shared to him the new song "You Gotta Know"...and we just took it off from there with more and more ideas/ visions coming in...Damn is such a rare breed to find ppl especially musician who thinks the same way u do and we definitely click.. what more with the same program with use for our music- Logic Pro 8!! The studio is amazing nevertheless =P

Well, not to spoil the mood, i would tell ya something about the new track.. As most of you know i lurvee doing collaboration, this would be the first collaboration between me & Yuri. "Acousitc Hip Hop"...probably a new genre or term for this song that i would want it to sound like. It means a blend of Hip Hop beats with very acoustic sounding voicings & chords...hehe

So today in the studios, we were listening to some tracks for inspirations, some of tat tong stuffs and the demo i made yest and of cos with Yuri's personal views & magic on the Logic, the vision of bringing this song further is definitely a potential! woohoo!

I would not reveal too much about it but share some pics of the studio with ya guys k:

Thats Yuri in his Studio=)

My Italian Horse =)

& of cos My Ferrari *wink*

Doing the Hook!

Alright, as im quite excited thats why this a long post...hope you are as excited as i am too!=)


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

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