Friday, July 11, 2008

Back in ArkStudios- Kindness=)

I love working in Studios...its relaxing and inspiring!=)
Able to wear the least casual, shout/ sing at the top of your lungs, play whatever tune you have in your head, brainstorming fresh ideas & opinions, meeting fellow musicians, etc..
Is all part of the package..
Last night, i was in ArkStudios, the studio where im currently recording my album. Kewei was down for a corporate show tonight in Sunway Resort Hotel and also to record "Son Of A Chinese", my bassist Ken Chung's ultimate composition in which i would like to do a collaborative instrumental piece with the Erhu..Of cos again with the beautiful & talented Kewei frm Singapore!!!

Producing strings instrument i believe is probably one of the difficult thing around as to get the exact tone quality, is certainly not easy. I always believe playing a string instrument, more importantly violin, or erhu is like a you gotta have to produce the tone of the violin as though its like a singing voice. *grins*

Another piece im currently working is a charity song for Abused Animals in which im hopefully could be used as the theme/ general song for the Independent Pet Rescuers or whoever who love and save animals..
Its gonna be yet another collaborative unity effort by our Malaysian- Singaporean artistes like Atilia Haron, Pete Teo, RnB artiste Liang, Kewei, Joe Loy ( My co-producer/ studio sound engineer), Me myself and hopefully more would join in this public awarness of animals...*wink*


Producing the track~


Dennis & Kewei

Kewei & Pete Teo

Singer Songwriter Pete & Violinist Songwriter Den

Fei Chai Joe


Kindness- First DRAFT!


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

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