Tuesday, July 1, 2008

2 Nights 2 Remember@ Bangkok Jazz, KL

Dear All,

First and foremost, i would like to thank each and everyone of you for being there last fri & Sat night to my duet showcase with Kewei all da way frm Singapore=)
You guys make each applause, moment, laughters worth it!..
Also, special thanks to Sponsor Digi who sponsored the event, a& Elyna frm Bangkok Jazz for making this possible!=)
The coverage, publicity, advertisements were beyond OUR expectations....
The day after Kewei & me arrived frm Singapore for a gig there, which was a Wednesday( We performed in Esplanade last monday), she lost her voice and was down with Sore Throat, Flam, COugh and whatever you could Never imagine...However, it was a miracle she recovered just in time for it on friday & sat, making this showcase one of the best showcase i ever done...And to be able to shared the stage with Kewei, is truly a Privilege thing..=)

Basically, this whole mini concert was titled "Walk With You" which is one of the songs in the album im currently recording. Its a duet actually..As ironic as it can sound, we try to take the audiences on that day to our musical journey, on how did both me and kewei met and got back in touch, to genres of music we love, our influences, the thoughts and ideas we shared, and the music that we both performed best!

Anyway, without the support of friends, clients & audiences, it wouldnt be possible also despite the music and publicity we had..so thanks to my dear friends, students, clients, friends frm Singapore who came down all the way ( Especially Jon Ang, Rey, and Kewei's mates)...wahseh!, photographers, adverlets bloggers & Josh, etc...if i missed out anyone, you know who u are k!

Meanwhile, the following amazing shots were credited to two awesome photographers: DKBU & Andrew, Thanks guys!

A Force to be Reckon With~


Kewei *hugs*

Erhu & Violin Duet!

Jon- Singaporean Maestro

Seriously, whats my guitarist Eric Kok thinking? =P

Dennis Lau, Advertlets Guy Josh, Kewei

Digi Rocks!

Triple D

Thomas frm NST & Dennis Lau

Us & Andrew Photography=)

Kit & Dennis

Me & My Bro- Edwin/ My Trustie Sound Engineer=)


The Chicks! *winks*

& I Tried *grins*


Woohoo!! another Jumping pic! -_-""

More pics on my facebook *winks* &



Stay tuned..the next post would be my Esplanade, Singapore experience..or maybe Videos frm our "Walk With You" showcase...=)

Once again, thank you to all who came and support our show...you guys are the one who keep me going in my music!


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau


Anonymous said...

yeah! thats awsome!! i like it!

berto xxx

waterlily said...

hahah you look like a sugar daddyyy. =p