Thursday, December 25, 2008

Experiencing Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas! Hohoho!
Christmas, a time of Love, Gratefulness, Remembrance, Appreciation, Give and Take.
Thank you to all dearest friends, supporters, readers, music enthusiasts for making this year a possibility and such a memorable one as we come to a close of the year and to celebrate the ONE season that unites us all, Christmas.=)
I, personally "kicked" off my Christmas week watching/ witnessing my lovely PA Steph's performing in a Play in her church, FGA which i was actually very impressed by the whole production frm the dancers, musicians, actors, to the soundsystem, etc..
Here below are some of her's UNEXPECTED cheekyness.=)

PA Stephanie in her Christmas Play=)

Cheeky or Pure Talent?=)

Next up i had a performance in Souled Out last night with the Theme Masquarade=)
Along with the company of good friends like Steph, Don, Syed, Ryan, etc... we create a little craziness within!

Sufiah & Dennis Lau

My Lovely PA Stephanie and me

Dennis Lau & Vijay (The Ultimate Entertainment)

My bro, Syed & Me=)

The Phantom Dancers!

Steph & Syed=)

Steph's Darling(DON) & Steph..

Steph & Den

We Are Familyyyy


Five & Dime

The Christmas 2008 Family=)

The Ultimate Singer, The Ultimate PA, & The Ultimate ......

Yeah!! Popping..Merry Christmas 2008!

IP MAN Pose..still havent got over the movie yet..hehe....=)And Finally No.9, my Favourite Number...

Finally, i would like to thank a very special friend of mine, Sabrina Tan..all da way frm Texas, USA for the wonderful wonderful special presents delivered to me 3 weeks ago and i vowed NOT to open it till Christmas and am very impressed by the little details she sees on the net though we have not actually met in person. Also, my regards frm Yuri & Jimmy Sax goes out to you for being such wonderful and sweet!. Thanks Sabrina, Merry Blessed Chrismtas to you and Maddox!=)

P/S: Souled Out videos in the next post..*winks*!


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

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Fanny Foo said...

Dennis! Thank you for the performance! Simply "WOW" the crowd you! ;-) Kudos to Jimmy Sax too...

Love to have you back in SOULed OUT sometime soon ;-)

Blessed Xmas to u, Steph & the family too!