Monday, December 29, 2008

Blessings of Year 2008

The Blessings to me this year is beyond words and i would like to say a very very big Thank you to all my fellow friends, business partners, musicians whom has made this year such a memorable yet productive one for me.=)
As we all dawn upon a brand new year 2009, the one thing i hope is unity and a true friendship/ relationship with all my friends who has helped me in all ways. From the music i make, record, perform, the media i have been exposed to, the opportunity to perform, the ideas we shared, lessons and advises that i have learned, and of cos the inspiration i earned is money can't buy and i just wanna say i truly appreciate all these.

Here are a few names which i would like to extend my best wishes and gratitude to: Elyna Tan, Winnie Loo, Atilia Haron, Syafinaz Selamat, Yuri Wong, Josh Lim, Xandria Ooi, Shazzy, Majestic, Amber Chia, Stephanie Chai, Syed Idid, Kidchan, Kathleen, Ed Ashton, Christine Leong, DKBU, Jimmy Sax, Selina Yeop, Jim Liaw, Chermaine Poo, Zung, Natasha, Liz Chong, Tat Tong, Sherry Oh, Nicolette, Donovan Chan, JC Wong, Cher Siang, Martin Ngim, Ken Chung, Joe Loy, Nick Lee, Brian Tan, Kewei, Jonathan Ang, Sabrina Tan, Ellyn, Shah, Wilson Jong, Sudin, Lily, Paul, Intan, James Boyle, Sue Song, Adrian Wong, Adrienne, Kris Wong, Veralyne, Aunty Helen, Fiona, Willy Foo, Selina Ang, Teh, Maggie Yew, Jeremy Lim, Jane Wong, My fellow clients who trusted Mosaic in delivering the best in their events, and the list goes on...

Some has asked whats my new year resolution for the next year. Well, my new resolution for the year 2008 is to be able to record an album and as fortunate as i can be, i have completed all 10 tracks! Therefore my new year resolution for 2009 is to be able to LAUNCH this album! Thank you Lord for the people you have let me cross path with and had these wonderful working experience with in this year 2008 and i pray that we could all work together in getting good music out there in the year 2009.=) At the same time, allow me to continue to make more good music for everyone..that's my Resolution!=)


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau


Sabrina said...

May the year 2009 be a Smooth & Successful one for you, Den. See you soon too =)

Josh Lim said...

Wah, nice to see my name there man :) Thanks! You have our support, looking forward to your launch! Cheers!

Btw, I've also launched my personal blog, link me yeah -

Josh Lim