Friday, December 5, 2008

Mahkota- The Making 1

Dear Peeps,

Back in the studios again,,this time with a whole new and elevated synergy, aura and determination to finish the last song of my album.. Previously recorded as "Track 9" then "Gemilang 2",,ahem....MAHKOTA.
As an introduction, Mahkota in Bahasa Malaysia means Crown and i wanna compose a song to inspire ppl as much as im inspired and influenced by the different ppl i meet each day, frm my close friends, working colleagues, musicians, artistes, and maybe you as well...and Mahkota is conceptualized/ composed/ arranged/ written to signify one's capability to Not give up, be strong, follow your passion & determination, to be at the top of your game therefore to deliver your best!
Of course, being the composer and arranger of this song, im indeed very humbly honored to do a collaboration with Malaysia's NO.1 Soprano: Syafinaz Selamat. Thank you very much to lend your voice and lyrcis in this song and im sure, with this whole concept of vocals and violin duet, we could take this song further.=)

Several friends has asked me:" are ya doing it in Malay or English?"..i say:" It would be in Bahasa." and the next question i would get is:" why? if you would like to market it internationally, mass etc?"
Well, as a Malaysian ultimately, I believe that we must be proud of our country and depict that we as Malaysian could do something different as well in terms of musically, showmanship and concept, in our OWN LANguage! Therefore, Bahasa Malaysia as our national language is the best to reach out.
To be honest, its been quite a while since i come upon and realize how beautiful our own national language is....Brilliant Sya!=)

Below is today's recording session.....=)*winks*

Mahkota Lyrics

Recording of Vocals by Syafinaz~

Producing the Vocals~

Finishing touches with Joe~

Its a Wrap!! yeah!

Dennis Lau & Syafinaz Selamat


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

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