Thursday, January 1, 2009

Album Photoshoot (Part 2) with Zung of

A Very Happy New Year to all who has followed and is STILL following my blog!! my quest for the album launch and the making is still currently in the process. Now is probably the post production phrase=)

Finally, i got the chance to work with my bro, Zung frm in this exclusive album photoshoot. =)
Zung's concept this time would be his highly acclaimed "Mood" shots or "MOMENT" shots which i have great admiration towards it. Anyway, being a photography enthusiasts, i have always love Zung's style and his expressions when it comes to the lens of his camera.. The angle, focus of the lens is just beyond words..=)

Venue: VIP Room, A Cut Above, Pavilion
Hairstyle: Winnie Loo

Below are a Sneak Peak of how's the photoshoot like. Thanks to my PA Stephanie for the pics. She definitely has some art sense..=)

The Beginning....

Zung titled this "The Lover"=)

Through the lens of my Canon into his Pro- Cam....Zung shot this with the intention of having my reflection on his Camera's screen...pretty cool huh?*winks*

NOT what you are thinking alright!haha

Dennis Lau & Zung. Thanks Bro for the shoot,,you know how much i highly recommend ya!=)


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

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Eudora said...

Cool photos! Happy New Year Dennis! ;)