Sunday, January 11, 2009

Passion + Determination= ???

Special Thanks to ICON Mag 2009 for this Special feature. Much Appreciation to CY Wong, Jane Wong, Lee Khim=)

I was in a talk today in the Annual Youth Convention@ PWTC earlier this evening (Thanks to Joanne, Melissa & Joel for the invitation) and was very much driven by the topics of inspiring youths, dreams, passion, etc.
Sharing the stage with, is my buddy Yuri Wong, Azura, Sarah Lian, etc and we did had a good time sharing with the audience, ppl our thoughts about the industry especially the entertainment industry. and as for me, it would be more of my musical journey where you get to read about it if you have been following my blog=)

Being a musician is not all about just being an entertainer on stage, but also purely driven by passion. I believe that in whatever you do be it, being a chef, musician, actor, lawyer, doctor, marketing person, you gotta have passion to take you far. Passion is not a thing which you can see, hold, grip but however is a combination of mental strength, happiness, the ability to LEARN & look forward, optimism, positive thinking, and of cos sheer guts. These combination of elements however do not determine your success but if you combine this with your Determination to achieve it, nothing is impossible=)
Thats a motto i always believe in and am still pursuing it....

Despite having passion & determination in pursue of your goals, Staying Focus on the right track is also important. Because we as humans, are influenced by the daily routine we do from the ppl u meet, the criticisms that hit you, the advice of ppl around. However, you as the creator/ founder/ product must never give up hope on the dream you wanna achieve.

If you do something with pure passion, the results would be much rewarding then you do something because you have to.



Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

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