Thursday, January 29, 2009

DiversiFy 2009- Introduction to The Experience

Its just Indescribable!
The feeling of ecstasy cant be put to words as im writing this review of the Bangkok Jazz's show last weekend. Its not only a show with the honor of having such wonderful friends, supporters, colleagues, Musicians together as one not to forget but also a show filled with Pure Musicality in the air=)
Never in my entire life as a musician i feel so complete and perfect despite just a mini showcase in Bangkok Jazz that it would strive, motivate, encourage me more to create better music and achieve my goals.
Thanks to Syed, Steph, Selina, Jane, Xandria, Paul, Don, Aina, John, etc for being there to make everything possible. I would also like to thank the musicians personally for playing their very best: Jimmy, Billy, Sudin, Ken Chung, Yuri, Majestik, E Jeng, Edwin. You guys make every note splendid and perfect...not only that, the vibe and aura each of you created and possessed is magic in the air. Looking back at the videos which i just received frm PA Steph, it was indeed a night to remember.
I hope all who were presence the 2 nights were Diversified!=)

Here below is why=) :

Jim & Den

Groove Master & Composer for Son Of a Chinese- Ken Chung

Guest Singer/ my RnB Bro- Billy

Dennis & Yuri


The Trio- MAJESTIK, Yuri Wong, Dennis Lau performing "Cooking Up A Storm", theme song for the night!=)

The Everything- PA/ Manager/ Organizer/ Production Team =)

Performing "JANE"

Jimmy blowing his Lungs awayy...

Signature Song- Prelude in F minor."OUR" Song

Thanks Jimmy=)

my PR King Syed, Dennis Lau, my PR Goddess Selina, thanks for being there!

Jane, Thank you for everything..=*

Yuri Wong & Dennis Lau. Man, One Hell of a bro musically and personally! Cheers!

One Love@ Heart, One Love@ Work=)*winks*

Salina & Associates Dream Team. Thank you Selina for the Support!

Mediabond Team. Thanks Syed

Paul buddy, Thanks for the consistent support for 2 nights!

With John, my brather/ partner of Mosaic..haha!

Family Picture- Don, Steph, Jane & Den

More Pictures coming soon in my facebook page k..will upload soon!=)


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

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