Thursday, March 27, 2008

Instrumental Duo!

Fruitful Wednesday!=)

Today, Exactly after a week recording in Nick Lee/ArkStudios in TTDI with amazing magic fingers" producer/ engineer Joe, Im back again today morning at 11am!=)...I would say today's recording is indeed one of the most mind-blowing recording and probably one of the most Im happy with though it was 5 hours stretch...

I would say morning sessions for me are better as i have much more focus, concentration level rather then night sessions..haha
We recorded a song i wrote recently, Prelude in F Minor meant for a saxophone and violin duet which would be one of the songs in the album im working on as well!=)
(A lil preview on Wave Alchemist's upcoming gig in Bangkok Jazz this fri and sat k, haha)Jimmy Sax solo's was just unbelievable and three of us including Joe really had a good time working together getting the right pitch, tone, hits, and motif Perfect & Precise for the song.......On another note, Jimmy would be leaving to Shanghai next month for permanent gigs there for 2 months, that depends whether his contract does get renew or not..but sigh, Wave Alchemist's debut in Bangkok Jazz might be the first and the last.=(
Not like i have came across a million saxophonists but Jimmy, he really helped brought my music to another level, and like a father role to me and my music..his words of encouragements, breathe and tone really inspire me to write, produce and perform good music. You gotta listen to him to know what i mean k!

Recommendation score: A+A= A+++

However, the torch of the recording/ album MUST go on!

Here are some pics which i would like to share during out sessions today:

My Solo=P

Jimmy Sax a.k.a The Legend=)

Darn, I didnt knew Joe captured this!=P

balancing it a little after session.

Stay tuned for more alright.


Peace: Good Music/ Art, Better Place

Dennis Lau

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