Monday, March 17, 2008

SOAR - String On Air Realized!

Finally, it was REALIZED!! after months of planning, not to forget the hours spent waiting and rehearsals the team and I went through....we SOARed!

SOAR is a collaboration with Grace from Milestone Productions of creating a stunt violinist in the air. I took up the challenge (weheeey! who else but me right??? =) ) because I thought it was something fun and never been done before and would be very different to give the audience and me a whole different level of perception about music and entertainment.

To be honest, I have a slight fear of heights...the scary part wasn't being in the air swinging (Seriously, being in the air was REAL FUN!) but to climb up the ladder located at the backstage and then BOOM!, start flying out once the door is opened!!!

SOAR was actually an opening gambit for Longines Sports Collection and indeed, its a good event to launch this particular "stunt" thing...

Thank you to Grace from Milestone, Dee Lu, Geoff and the team for being there for me (my Insurance basically) and Longines for everything!

Recommendation Score: A +++

My Insurance and I =)

More pics on

P/S: On other note, I have just got out from watching 10,000 BC in GSC...Pls, dont bother watchin unless u wanna spend half of the entire movie which is 2 hours plus listening to most of the characters speaking in native pre-historic languages...YAKU..MEMEK..BAKU....%(&!*@%$*%

Recommendation Score: C-

Thanks for reading!

Peace- Good Music, Better Place

Dennis Lau

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Chloe=) said...

cool stunt.

i'm sure there're other things to look at in the movie beside native languages right? i heard good comments bout it though.