Saturday, March 22, 2008

Buddy Zung from

Dear readers,

well, as some of you know.. Among the shows i performed are weddings and to be honest, I Absolutely Lurvee organizing performing for weddings!!To see the smile on the coupls faces: indescribable!
Mosaic Music Entertainment Wedding packages: Reasonable & Compatible!!!

Anyway, As a fan of good photography, today i just met up with a good friend/ working partner of mine, someone whom i looked up to in every aspect of creativity and art: Zung from
Nevertheless, i regard and highly recommend him as the best wedding photographer in the region. Not only because he's my good friend but because of his ability to Capture MOMENTS! In which i think plays an extremely important role in events like weddings..
Some couple would just hire a reasonably ohkay/ normal photographer as ong as the fella could take some pics and make it to an album for their wedding BUT for Zung, Ooh, is totally a different story in the pics he takes! Actually, i came across his pics through the first ever wedding gig i have done back in December 2005 in Marriot, KL. Since then, i am totally mesmerized by it.

Widely recognizable for his pony tail, he not only is down to earth, humble but also has a great sense of creativity and gives great suggestions/ advises & commitments in his work.
Here below, i would like to promote and display some of his works:

p/s: some of his pics can be viewed from my website

Seriously, i would love to upload moree..but the pics I have today are all too good to select which one could be uploaded, so this time round is only 6 pics alright!

Recommendation score: A + A= AA++

Zung: 012-3391331
Gallery Area: Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Zung, Thank you very much for the poster i received today, Appreciate it.

Till my next post k


Peace: Good Music/ Art, Better Place

Dennis Lau


Anonymous said...

See here or here

Kyle J. Simmons said...

Wow. Amazing Pictures! Just Stumbled upon your blog.