Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dennis, Shazzy & Atilia in the Houseee!!!


As all of ya'll know, THE ALBUM I am recording is going to consists of different pop genres in it. One of the songs I'm doing experiments around with Hip HOp beats! which I not long ago thought would be really cool interesting. And to be able to collaborate both the violin, hip hop beats, rap and vocals into it is something different here! Therefore, I sought the help of Malaysia's "Timbaland" Shazzy =)

So yesterday morning at 11am, after months of planning, going through the demos...I started recording the vocals for this song which Shazzy and I would be producing. Its called GOOD ENOUGH!. To top it up, we have none other then artiste Atilia Haron in the house ya'll!! She is GOD sent! =)

Recommendation score: A ++++

Joe, The Magic Fingers @ Work!shhhh -

Diva @ Work! shhhh -

Timbaland @ Work! shhhh -

Ribuan Terima Kasih darling! -

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Thanks for reading!

Peace - Good Music, Better Place.

Dennis Lau

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