Thursday, September 11, 2008

3 Interviews, A Jam & Great Company=)

Dear All,
It was crazily a full day for me today especially but i truly Thank God for the blessings this year and of cos today as well....actually im blogging this at 5 am in the morning where my mum is up already.....
Waking up at 10am and then had 3 Straight interviews till 5pm certainly isint an easy task..but of cos i do enjoy and appreciate every moment of it though it requires me to explain again all about my music.
Thank you to the reporters & Photographers for their kind time, especially Oriental Daily, Health Today & Female Brides in which i did all their interviews & photoshoot in one go today..and of cos with 3 different outfits la. Both Oriental Daily & Health Today's interview was done in Arkstudios ( The studio in which i record in & Thanks to Nick for the venue shot )
For the outfit for Oriental Daily, i decided to go Pink and grey, a cleaner match while for Health Today, i go for a vest instead.
I sincerely feel honored been able to share my thoughts about the music i make, the music business here & my experience with journalists/ editors always as i felt like they are the avenue which im able to connect with or would connect me with wider audience so being able to have that in mind, i have never got tired of sharing and talking with them about Music!=)

First it was with reporter Tanky Chow frm Oriental Daily, the article would be two sundays from look out for it ya *winks*

Explaning whats all my music about=)

Take 2!

Then ahh...this part is the interesting part...=), in the studio, i met a new happening talented friend frm Sabah, Jonathan Tse: who is a Christian Singer songwriter. And this guy thought me how to do a Video Blog. Well, it means basically instead of typing out, u video the day's activity on video..haha..Definitely a time saver=)...Anyway, we decided to record this V Blog..haha, basically Dennis's first Video i wouldnt know when would we meet again, we recorded a very spontaneous Christmas song together which John composed. Check it out below! *winks*

John & Dennis Lau- Acoustic Christmas *winks*

Then head to Bluinc for another interview & home for some paperworks before goin to The Gardens for dinner in Cova with Elyna & my Godsis, Elaine & John Teo (Furniture Mogul)

This is our dinner....Cova serves us extra 2 dishes, an accidental mistake.haha

Elyna & Elaine with my bottle of Wine=)

Me & Godsis, Elaine=)

Me & Bestie, Elyna. Both Elaine & Elyna has helped me alot too in my music kudos to them ya!
Later John Teo came ...but didnt took any photos with him -_-""

Look what Elaine got me for my birthday? -_-""""""


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

P/S, Dennis's article schedule: Oriental Daily- Two Sundays frm now...( dunt exactly know when though)
Health Today- October issue, front page=)
Female Brides- December issue=)

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John Wee said...

Cool stuff Dennis. Hehe. So great your doing awesomely well. Take care.

-=John Wee=-