Friday, September 19, 2008

You Gotta Know- Day 2

Alright dear readers,
im pretty excited about my next song- You Gotta Know.
and this is day 2 in the Factory Studios by Maestro Producer and guitarist Yuri Wong=)
the concept of this song ( which i would not revealed much) would be more of an "acoustic hip hop" which i call it..pretty interesting as i start exploring the different sounds of acoustic instruments like the classical guitar & violin blending in with hip hop beats AND accapella voices..=)
and today we basically got the structure of it...after minutes of brainstorming.
As you all could probably see on my Upcoming shows schedule on the right hand side of the blog, i would be performing in Bangkok Jazz, Chulan Square comin Oct 31st & Nov 1st! well, if you're in town and wanna get lucky, this "You Gotta Know" might be the premier of it!
so stay tuned ya....haha
Here are some pics for your feasting on how productive today was *winks* + *grins*

Fender guitar

The Factory Studio- Crib of You Gotta Know=)


Part of the Process of the song=)

Yuri Wong~

p/s: its the end of the week and next week would be an interesting one, would be in Singapore the whole week frm Sunday, 21st September to the following Sat, 27th September. Events lined up would be an art gallery exhibition, Chivas Party & Stylo F1! Wish me luck k =)


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

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