Saturday, September 27, 2008

Singapore Day 3- 25th Sept 2008 (REDBULL F1 PARTY)

3rd Night- Redbull F1 Party, one of the Biggest F1 party@ Singapore in conjunction with their First ever F1 Night Race=)
and here comes the Malaysian Invasion.....woohoo!
Together with my Singapore Manager (Now officially appointed as)- Kathleen Rice(, it was a perfect party with food, drinks, crowd, Music, beds, and last but not least..the Beach!
Organized in Cafe Del Mar@ Sentosa, it was a party like a bridge between a Rave and a club
Here are some of the pics:

Before hitting the Low

Part of it 1

Part of i t 2

The Decks

Party timeee=)

Dennis Lau, Redbull Model & good friend, Tony frm China One, Singapore

Dennis Lau & erm...forgot her name already but remember she's from Singapore Airlines *winks*

KL + Sing@ Sentosa

Adding on into the Malaysian Team Invasion is Levy who arrived later *winks*

Mosaic Singapore Manager Kat & Dennis Lau

Dennis, Levy, Zac & Kat da Kitty

With Aviators

The Studs
Well, there were many more drinking pics and uncensored ones but you could only see that on my facebook. All in, it was one of the best parties i ever attended and well, before signing off, i still did not forget to take another Jumping pic.haha


Alright cheers, just got back frm an amazing wedding. One of the memorable one i did with Edmund Tham photography. It was the combination of the audience, Venue, food, drinks and of cos to me the most important, soundsystem=)
You would just need to keep logged on to find out *winks*


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

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