Saturday, May 22, 2010

Back to School ....Old School

The Arkstudios
Sometimes, we Reflect on our doings, our right / wrong doings, attitude, morality, career, relationship be it with friends or close ones, etc. There was recently a moment i experienced it myself. And i guess, the best way is to express it through the music i make. At this very point of my life, i have longed for sometime to do a live studio session with our very own sessionist greats since the last stage of post production for DiversiFy...therefore, i always believe, as a person very much involved in arts, hence the creativity of the mind, Its very difficult to keep it inside without releasing it. Sounds strange but i guess the ppl who are in this "line" would know what i mean.

Sorting the expertise of a great friend / bassist of mine, Shah..this afternoon, we embarked on the journey of co-producing and recording the Rhythm Section of "Reflection", a song i composed recently during this period of time. To be honest, this moment is kind of bitter sweet for me but i have learned to overcome it and at the same time, grow from it. and, recording in the studio is just a Blissful experience and the perfect medicine.

Instead of the style i am accustomed to in recording the first album, i want a totally different approach for "Reflection" without loosing the identity of myself. As some of you might know, im very much influenced by the style of John Mayer thus in time, you will be able to listen the "Mayerism" in me in this song. At the same time, i would want each and everyone of you to Feel the message i would like to deliver in this song in compatible with the title of it. I always belive making a song is exactly like making a movie. Likewise, in producing an album.

Anyway, Very much excited about it, because an All Star Band is always not to be missed without capturing any Pics & Videos.

I shall let the below PICS & VIDS tell the journey of our session earlier this afternoon. Enjoy!

Lewis Pragasam on Drums

Jamie Wilson on the Acoustic

& the Electric

Shah Co Producer / Bass Man

Jamie & Dennis

Shah & Benjamin, Recording Engineer

Shah's Music Man Bass

Thanks bro, "you know what i mean eh?=)"

Much appreciation to my trustie / reliable Keyboardist and Pianist Wilson Jong for tracking the Grand Piano as well!

Now, presenting to you, the Drums Legend.....

with Guitar Maestro.....



God Bless!

Dennis Lau

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Evie said...

nice piano !! where did u perform normally ?