Wednesday, March 4, 2009

MAHKOTA- Final Mix

The Mixing & Mastering Console@ The Arkstudios

The Production in works

With Nick Lee, my Mixing & Mastering engineer=)

Finally, my anticipated song with Syafinaz is finally mixed=)
and today, i would like to share with ya the final process of it, which is the mixing process of a song...this is the part which we call Post Production. And having most of my Live tracks recorded here in The Arkstudios, i had award winning mixing and mastering engineer, Nick Lee to lend his magic to this particular track which im quite proud of after Prelude in F minor titled- MAHKOTA composed, arranged and produced by myself feat. Syafinaz Selamat.

As you can see, The Arkstudios has just finished renovation downstairs and is equip with the state of the art mixing and mastering equipments. The Mixing stage comprises of balancing the sound of the different instruments, vocals, drums, etc..editing the tone, intonation, adding reverbs, making it listening friendly. Being more of a live musician myself, I definitely need to switch my ears to a different channel while listening and going through the mix..but is a process which i do enjoy the most as well!

A heads up, im currently into the post production of my album. That means more listening, and is a process which i preferred to be by myself reminiscing and reflecting back the whole recording process again since Dec 2007 and at the same time, move forward at a pace where the ultimate goal is still the Launch middle of this year=)

Wish me luck alright and all the best to y'all who do what you love most!



Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

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