Monday, May 24, 2010

Recording "Reflection" with Drum Legend, Lewis Pragasam

Recording the drums is probably one of my favorite part of the recording process, because not only is the Backbone of the song, you can say its very much different then the other instruments when it comes to recording it. The drums varies in the different venue / studio we are in because of the different acoustics, hence tuning it to get the Right TONE for the particular song is very much important and essential. So indeed, for this song "Reflection"..again we bring back International Drum Legend, Lewis Pragasam who recorded for DiversiFy on "MAHKOTA" & "Sudden Twist".

I personally think one of the most important component of the drum is the Snare which normally if you listen to any pop song, it comes in during the 2nd beat of the bar. and to have a solid Snare tone, it requires a little fussiness to go around it in which we all are. Today, for "Reflection", we used the "Cadesan" Signature Fibreglass Snare, which is the same snare Lewis recorded for Leehom's "Forever Love". What more it got that Solid Punch tone that i envisioned for this song.

Producing the Drums track @ The Arkstudio

Lewis & Dennis

Now, the Drums / Percussion legend laying down his Soul=)

Thank You~

God Bless!

Dennis Lau


Leonard said...

Great technique and the snares sounded really solid as well.

Anonymous said...