Friday, February 20, 2009

DiversiFy- 2nd Day of Recording

Today's the second day of my recording on the last song-"DiversiFy" for my album@ The Factory Music Studios with mah bro, Yuri Wong. Probably the trickiest of songs to complete but at the same time fun and challenges are always a good thing in enabling yourself to Explore out of the box!=)

I thought it would be very much better having an Electric Bass to add to the groove of the song in the chorus section whereby the main influence would be the Jamiroquai kinda lines. And at the same time, give the song an edgier feel to it. So, i call upon my Bass bro, Shah who just got back frm Dubai frm a 3 month stint. It's a true blessing to have him here providing his expertise and touch to the main song of the album=) Shah and I have previously worked alot so we both are familiar with each other style and expectations.

The reason why this song would be a challenge is because first, its the main song of the album- DiversiFy therefore it gotta be the one that ppl would listen out for and it has to be radio friendly. Second, it tempo of the Verse and Chorus section varies therefore it has to be produced in a way its acceptable to the ears and of course playable. Third, Its more complicated in a way the blend of both Live and Synthesis instruments needs to sound as original as possible to avoid a Bias sounding of either side. Fourth, the lyrics of the song need to sound as Out Of The Box as possible minus the vocals of it which i myself would need to work extensively on that!=)...These are the four main reasons for now putting aside some minor considerations of course.

Shah & Yuri

Shah & Dennis

Here's a Sneak Peak of what we have worked on


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau


Sab said...

All the Best, Yuri & Den.. Keep it up & Rock On ! =)

Auron-Declan said... the intro..looking forward for your new album.