Sunday, February 8, 2009

Once In A Lifetime Promotion by The Peak Xperience in Collaboration with Mosaic Music Entertainment

Dear all,

Whats most important in a wedding? Having the perfect dress? Worrying about the timing and coordination? Florist for the best deco around?
This time round, i would like to personally Highlight 4 Important/ Compulsory Elements in making your wedding to a perfect one and Stress Free!
- Wedding Coordination by the Peak Xperience(Ensuring all goes well as planned, from timing wise, cues, coordination, agenda/ itinerary, etc)
- Photography by Kidchanstudios (Making Memories that Last, Capturing those moments and little details, expressions, laughters, etc )
- Flowers by Wishing Tree (En lighting up your wedding with colors you love, and bouquets to add that extraordinary touch to your occasion/ wedding)
- Music by Mosaic Music Entertainment (Tuning your events to the Perfect Pitch- Having your requested song played, walk in song, special first dance song)

Besides Mosaic Music Entertainment's New Packages as you can see above, I would like to introduce to ya some incredibly affordable/ reasonable/ compatible New Packages in collaboration with The Peak Xperience, Wishing Tree & Kidchanstudios
If you would like to find out more in details about the packages, Kindly contact Natasha of the Peak Xperience@ +6012-3712412 OR

You could be assured of the professionalism and experience of this lady behind all this as Mosaic has worked with the Peak many times and she's one lady who really assured all things goes well and of cos, Kick Ass!!=) With her team of dedicated and "Xperience" Staffs, nothing is impossible and the burden lift off your shoulder is a Definite!haha

So If you are Curious about the right package and deals, do contact Natasha of the Peak Xperience@ +6012-3712412 OR
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For further enquiries,
Kindly Contact:
Dennis Lau - Violinist/ Songwriter/ Managing Director
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eugene said...

wow~ denise~ u all soo hard sell in ur bloggie~~~ but it's funny once u did that~~~ LOL!!