Thursday, April 9, 2009

Recording of "You Gotta Know" feat. Liang

I have always love working with new ppl, especially new sounds, tone, voices that i come across and admired, and in some ways influence my music. Liang is one of them...probably Malaysia's only English speaking chinese RnB singer of its kind.. and with a unique voice he has, it was a blessing to have his inclusion on the album- DiversiFy.

"You Gotta Know" was the first song I worked with Yuri, who is a great producer friend of mine whom u can see him in my previous post of the production of my album....and it has been almost half a year since. We have been making music without fail almost every week, this is what i call sheer dedication to music and i absolutely admire the fact that we can both come together each it, right after a project to discuss and plan for our next song. Since then, we have both complete a couple of tracks, rehearsed for shows, toured to Singapore, attended events, etc and of cos in the year 2009, we intend to bring "Our" music to a whole new level, a whole new horizon....

To me, each song written has its concept, i believe one need a story to project what's on your mind to your listeners. Just like a director or an author who wants to reach out their work to their audiences and readers. The trick lies in the ensemble of it. In music, we call it music arrangement. So, "You Gotta Know" was initially written for both Yuri & Me, like a Guitar & Violin Duet together with some accappela voices to go along. I called this genre "Acoustic Hip Hop" because besides the elements above, we do have some Hip Hop beats to go along. Therefore, after listening for sometime, both of us mutually agree to have a pure RnB Singer- Liang to add his flavour into this piece.

Honestly, I would need sometime to get used to the final mix of the song, but no doubt its good. With the added flavor and element, it surely depicts the true colors of "DiversiFy", the album.

However, more is Not necessarily good, right?=)

Here are some pics of our sessions:

Liang & Dennis

Yuri setting it up for Liang

You Gotta Know feat. Liang.=)

The Production of it....

Yuri & Dennis

Steph & Liang

Liang & Dennis

Its a Wrap!- Dennis, Yuri & Liang


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

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