Monday, June 29, 2009

Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009

As early as 7am on a friday morning, I got one of the Most shocking news in the mist of a rehearsal for a show via sms stating: "Your Idol, Michael Jackson is dead"........then within the next 2 mins, another sms came in:"Your idol, Michael Jackson passed away in UCLA?"
A sudden gush of anxiety, confusion and questions boggled in mind instantly..Why? How? When? What?....The King of Pop is dead? thats like a forever thing which we couldnt turn back time to perform next month in London. That would probably be the Biggest comebacks of the century. I remember when i was young, a little kid perhaps, during the time i was still attending my piano and violin classes and practicing the instruments, i had a vague memory of watching his concerts on TV from time to time. Recalling his "hee hee" pitch, "OW...", crotch grabbing antics, and oh, how can one forget his signature dance moves especially the Moonwalk? both back ways and side ways. So in short, i practically grew up on his music..

Slowly, as i reach maturity in writing my own songs, composing and arranging it, besides performing it, i learned the passion of understanding Michael's music. He to me, is probably the one who redefined/ reinvented pop music. Back in the 70s & 80s, the pop music u have or listened to are the bee gees, the carpenters, New kids on the block...but Michael took it to a whole different level and infused it with RnB/ Hip hop vibes and flavours. If one listens attentively to Dirty Diana or Man in the Mirror, you would get what i mean by the groove of it. Not to mentioned his famous bass line for Billie Jean which still remains one of the clubs favorite. That inspired me to compose music and arrange it in a way that it would still be on the air waves 20 years from now..or rather it would still sound as new as before. Michael's influenced me not only to create new sounds, but also in the aspects of showmanship.

Performing is not only about going on stage, and showcasing your music...but is also about delivering the message..and Michael obviously execute it in a remarkable and sensational way. which made him an undeniably perfect performer both on the vocals and the dance at the same time. This has set the benchmark and influence modern day artistes like Usher, Rain, Chris Brown, Neyo & Justin Timberlake which emulated his "popping" dance style and moonwalk. For example, Justin Timberlake did the beatboxing thing in his "Rock Your Body" video..and the dance style is very much apparently in his concerts as well.

Apart from the media which in recent years focus more on his appearance and personal life more then his music, I personally feel that was a huge stress on him and led to his downfall. Yes, he may have changed his appearance, presentation in the public. But why the focus? There are many other freaky looking artistes, celebrities around with tattoos, piercings, drugs related cases. For example, Ozzy Osbourne, Kid Rock but why the media scrutiny? I sympathized on his upcoming Concert Tour that did not materialized which was a really unfortunate thing as I personally do follow his videos from time to time. From his interview with Oprah, his beat boxing, dance moves, in the studios with Will I.AM of the Black eye peas, rehearsals, etc...all on youtube.

Michael Jackson, is one of the most recognized figure on the planet and his Legacy as the Greatest Entertainer would last a life time in the heart of millions. Thank you for the music u have create, produced, performed and of course the impact you had in my life, musically. I will continue to be inspired by you and your music.
May you Rest in Peace.=)

Below are some of my favorite videos of the King Of Pop LIVE, hope you enjoyed it as much as i did.=)

Billie Jean Motown Classic LIVE

Smooth Criminal LIVE

Dangerous LIVE

Michael Jackson Beatboxing on Oprah Winfrey

Dirty Diana LIVE

Man in the Mirror LIVE


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

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jesscet said...

Dennis, u're almost a generation (ok, may be half) younger than me.. yet it speaks volume about MJ's influence to the world of pop music. It was in my teens ie. the 80s that he reached the pinnacle of his career stardom. He is a true legend and i guess he has paid the price of fame with all the media scrutiny.

i'm not really a fan but i admire his talent greatly esp. his out-of-the-world dance skills! There will never be another artiste like him.