Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Sudden Twist"- The Making 1

"INSPIRED" by someone who shares the same passion, "Sudden Twist" finally kicked off in Full Throttle in The Factory Music Studios. This time with a live band setting, with drummer Lewis Pragasam, Bassist Ken Chung & myself on keys. However, the "twist" is that Lewis let it all loose on an all new Roland's Electronic Drumkit.

The recording was a success, with all of us including engineer/ producer Yuri Wong getting the vibe and feel of the song better as the rehearsals cum recording sessions pass. And I'm glad Lewis did got used to the kit which just arrived last Friday. and He was the first to lay the groove down. Each Kick, Snare, Toms, Cymbals very much resembles an original acoustic kit and it will be great fun experimenting with Live Style of playing with Electric Beats later in the stage of production. "Sudden Twist" is based on a concept of which It would be included in the album as well after some considerations and dilemma. I thought why not let the violin shows its prowess and versatility and the ability to blend in with a funky live setting with solos from each instruments- Sax, Violin, Electric Guitar and the Drums. You will get what i mean when this project's done, in time. Also, the ideology and music arrangements of the song would have the influence of Babyface and KC & Jojo.*winks*

I laid down the keys this morning as a guide before heading towards another Studio on Thursday to record the Grand. A good one i believe after much recommendation frm my mate, Yuri. and similarly, i pray the session then would be a good one..or better!=)

Wish me Luck alright!

Dennis on Keys with Phillip STarck *winks*

Factory's latest Baby

& Everyone wants to give it a try on it.....=)


Ken Chung on Fender Bass

Lewis laying the Groove

Its a Wrap for the first session of recording!- Ken Chung, Lewis Pragasam, Dennis Lau, Yuri Wong

Here's a Sneak Peak of our session earlier this morning=)


Peace- Good Music, Better Place

God Bless!

Dennis Lau

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